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For everyone's information, I absolutely was educated on ACN before and throughout the entire time I was tainted by it. I did work hard at it, and it absolutely ended up being worthless. ACN just does not make good, quality, ethical business sense. Their products ended up being worthless. There was no real service or quality product, in the end what is left? Nothing but BS! I ended up with worthless phone that looked like it was 15 years outdated which I could never use because nobody else had one to match it, a bunch of *** scam magazines. Then there was all the other money and time wasted going to their training's. Then there was all my friends and family time I wasted, I just ended up feeling like a *** for having tried to believe in this in the face of those I care about, ACN was just a nightmare in the end.

Everything else in life that I've put as much work and money into made sense and I have been very successful at. I'm great at doing things that make sense, that render a real service, talent, or quality product. ACN is none of those, it's just a pyramid scheme with *** for products. It may be easier to ride the scam train longer and further in bigger cities. But, in rural areas it becomes evident fast how much this turns people into fools.

Don't humiliate yourself, stay away from ACN. Don't drag your friends and family into such pathetic ***. They expect you to call everyone you know and waste their time hearing about this worthless, pointless, sorry excuse for a business.

If ACN was based on quality services and products then people would want those services and products and wouldn't need lies and such invasive persuasion.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2011

I became and ACN Representative in North Carolina, spent $500 on setting up an ACN franchise (was told this was all it would cost but found out that's not true), then I found out there's an annual fee too, then I ended up getting services I didn't want or need just to make it work, then I ended up spending money on their marketing material, then I had three Private Business Meetings (PBR's) in my home, then I found out that no one in my area wanted to do it despite my "going by the book exactly as they suggested", at the same time the people that got me in were saying misleading me over and over saying we're going to have this type of PBR at so and so's and this persuasive person will be there when that wasn't happening, they'll help me with some of my "warm leads" because they knew them too but they never did follow through as they said they would, they'll always be there to help me if I have questions but they couldn't answer my questions on the phone so they said they would meet with me when they were in town and they kept flaking out, then they said just go to the trainings in Charlotte, which I did 3 times only to find that the information was always the same and never answered my questions or gave me a way to answer them. Man, so in the end I'm stuck with Direct TV, which I never wanted because I use Netflix, and ACN phone that SUCKS because the thing doesn't consistently work and no one else I know has a video phone so here I am a year later and still haven't used this expensive and worthless phone realizing I could have been better off using Skype which by the way is way better and more versatile and in one month I've used with several people all over the world. So, in the end I wasted a LOT of time trying to convince my friends to waste their money and time so people which is a bit humiliating, and I wasted over a $1,000 on this, was mislead over and over by people I thought were respectable people, etc....

It's funny because these people act like they're helping people, but you can't help people if you're hurting people. This did hurt me only to help those that were higher up. This may work for some, but it doesn't work for all, but in my experienced opinion it's very pyramid like scammy and did more harm than good for me and other around me, a bit waste of time and money. These people aren't providing a real service or product to anyone, it's more about trying to exploit people you know, in my opinion.

I will be putting together some sites that will be very optimized in the direction of the market this company is in to illustrate what happened to me. I've not even got started in voicing my opinion on this;) Yours truly, ex ACN Representative in NC!

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Joining a MLM is no different than opening any business, you get what you put into it and like any new business success is hard to get, Usually the people that fail at a business and MLM are just not cut out to own their own business for many reasons,, With any business you go to your family and friends first, only idiots harrass them. Sounds like your upline wasnt helping your cause, but you could have been creative and tried other venues, to get your product sold and downline built. If you fail at selling tennis shoes, dont blame the shoes and then call the industry a scam


Everyone I know who tried selling ACN products failed and never made a dime. One of them opened a computer/domotic company in L.A.

You're going to tell me they are failures? The only failures are *** ACN reps like yourself (mr. WRONG) who try to fool people and lure them into spending their money on useless stuff. Screw ACN.

Thank god I never joined them. "Opportunity" ***


We have a bunch of bitter failures here who are having a hard time understanding that they are just losers. They failed, and they want to blame it on the company.

Boo hoo, I couldn't make it as a professional football player so the NFL must be an evil pyramid scheme.

You failed, get over it. Go do something else. I have been successful and have NEVER thrown anyone under the bus.

People like you are attempting to make my success into a failure b/c you couldn't cut it. Talk about unethical.

Jeff A

hmmmmm, is that's supposed to matter? What matters is, that's been A LOT of people's experience.

Yes, I'm sure there are some "success" stories, but I can guarantee you that every single ACN rep. success story was at the expense of a lot of failure stories.

I think it's bad to be a part of something that is misleading, and invariably hurts others over and over and over and over and routinely over again. If you don't care about that, well, that simply says something about you...


Hmmm. That wasn't my experience.

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