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I signed up with ACN for a family member as they promised it would be a good company to work with. Unfortunately we could not sign up with outside providers such as Clearwire so we had to go directly with ACN.

This company SUCKS! They charged my account over the promised billing amount every single month without notice. In a 2 month period we barely had service half the time because their DSL went out and because their phone service runs through DSL we had no phone either causing us to run over our cell minutes. I also lost work hours due to no internet and they told me Qwest would come out to fix this, QWEST?

where is ACN's part in this? After cancelling a portion of our service they stated we had a credit of $47.86 and our next bill would be $24.99 which would still leave a credit but then they proceeded to still charge my card.

In two months we paid over $400 dollars to this company including start up costs and monthly fees, WORST COMPANY EVER!!! ACN SUCKS!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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For anyone that does not know ACN is a pyramid scheme, don't let your friend or relative tell you otherwise, unless you get thousands under yourself your just making money for the person above you. Yes you can get rich, but not many do.


Don't do it, we are extremely sorry that you are having problems getting a straight answer about your balance. Please call us at 877-226-1010 so that we can help you take care of this issue.

When you call, please reference case number 8280759.

An ACN Customer Service Representative will be ready to take your call. Thank you.


ACN continues to SUCK! After working with them to apply the credit that should have been applied months ago they continue to send me a bill stating I owe them the full amount without the credit.

Every time I contact their customer service line, the automated system says I owe NOTHING! Then I talk to a human and they say I owe the full amount minus the credit but still receiving the full amount bill.

This company is completely unorganized!! NEVER buy into their services!!!!


That sounds like a fault with the provider, not ACN.


acn is a major scam! they dont give a *** about their product!they are a pyramid scheme that hides behind a so called "business opportunity".they offer very little product training.they are all about brainwashing ,rah,rah,bs.dont buy *** from these ***

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