Fort Mill, South Carolina
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I signed up for the home phone service hoping to reduce my costs and upon signing up I noticed it never told me when I was going to be paying my bill or the total amount with taxes included. I was assured that it would be fine and surely they would let me know.

They never did. I ended up with overdraft fees because I was 4 dollars short in my account than they decided to charge me. I tried to call them about it and I got an incompetent customer service rep who just told me that they dont' know what the different fees in the different states are so how were they suppose to know how much to bill me. I pointed out that they sure as *** knew how much before they tried to take it out of my account and should have sent me a bill first.

She could do nothing. The supervisor promised to reverse the charges although he says he can't do any thing about the overdraft fee and over a week later I am still getting emails claiming I owe them for a service I actually never even USED and canceled. It seems no one at that company knows how to fix it either. I've called back many times and no one knows what they are doing or are confused by the notes.

What idiots and a rip off. Terrible business practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $86.

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After a few months of them threatening to disconnect a service that had already been disconnected and several conversations they finally closed the account and brought it down to a 0 balance. It was interesting to get mail for months after I canceled my service trying to get me to pay for something I wasn't using.

And no, because I was assured they would inform me before charging I don't believe the overdraft fees were my own fault. I took care of that directly with the bank though.


The same thing happened to me last week. Since that they email me to get pay and I just paid them. I am coming very angry now.


Dont you think thats your own fault for the overdraft fee and for not checking with the acn rep to see how much you were being charged ?

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