All you complainers are moaning *** get off your arises and try you lazy ***!!!!! Dont blame acn because us didn't get anywhere, it take motivation.

acn has done wonders for me, you cry baby's need to stop complaining, and those who are checking states for acn to decide whether to join or not, I suggest you do, all you need to do is follow the scripts, listen to your mentors, and attention every event in other words deprecate yourself because a hard 4 years working Acn is better than working 50 60 years of you lives guys. I'm 25 years old I have 2 kids and living life!

I don't need to work anymore because of Acn so THANK YOU ACN for changing my family and giving us financial freedom. Take charge people

Reason of review: Good quality.

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With all your free time, may I suggest you go back and earn your GED?


Another brain washed lost soul!


There is no substance in any of your sentences that would make me believe you anything. Straight IGNORANt!


Please, you know you are still working, how many hours a week are you putting into it?


yeah, if that's how a "successful" acn rep sounds, pretty sure I want nothing to do with it.


That's very professional of you to insult others that are skeptical of ACN. I bet 99% of your testimonials are rags to riches story and a lot of it are just hot air with little to no proof to back up your claims.

Following a script is exactly how a mindless person such as yourself to avoid any form of skepticism, along with little to no critical thinking on your part. Your spelling and grammar is anything but professional.

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