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The company preaches residual income and it sounds great. Have someone show you how you get paid and ask them how much they are making.

Then ask them how much of that check is residual vs. signing bonuses or T- cabs. They will tell you it takes a while to build it up. I have over 60 reps with 270 points 7 months in the business.

I have not got one residual check to date because it needs to be more than $10.00 to print one. All the time and money it takes to do presentations and drive around to get people qualified and it is not easy believe me. If they drop out and or are no longer qualified then say good bye to those points because you don’t get credit or paid for them acn keeps them. Services that people sign up for are based on a point value.

Also the “third party publications” acn is featured in like success from home, a major sales toll are $5 a pop to help you promote your business. They feature acn on the cover so that all the reps will buy the magazines and they do.

Be prepared to provide 4-20 of those per presentation. I won’t be surprised at all to see them on the cover again real soon of a third party publication.

Original review posted by user May 26, 2011

After being involved with acn and buying into the honestly and family atmosphere I can no longer bring anyone into this business and or be involved. I was told by several high ranking people in acn in regards to the celebrity apprentice as part of the pitch, that leads were going to be generated from the show and distributed by zip code to active reps within that area.I signed up several people based on that pitch.

That did not happen and no good reason was provided as to why. The concept is great residual billing on essential services. It seems like a no brainier till you get involved. If you do get involved check everything you are being told because I found a great deal of the information to be inaccurate.

You do not want to put yourself in a bad position with friends, family and colleagues. I can tell you it is not a good place to be. Also there is a big rush to get "qualified" so you can "start making money" within 24 hours. This will cause you to order things you don't really need and will have to pay a hefty penalty to cancel.

I am over $250 in monthly recurring bills so I can "make money". The video phone is a $200 cancellation fee if you cancel within the first two years for example. People do make money doing this and if you don't care how you make money or that over 70% of the people you will be signing up will fail this could be for you. Be aware that this is "relationship marking" and you will be bringing in people you know and love.

Not saying that you can't build this morally but it will take lots of research and time. It will take 6 months to a year to build any real income, over $2,000 a month and the residual isn't the focus at all its t-cab bonuses aka bring in new reps.

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Ok. Do you know any other home business, owned by yourself, where you will a) not have to promote your business and b) make thousands in PROFIT within your first year?

Look into it.

Most starting businesses do not make a profit until after the FIVE YEAR mark. In ACN you can begin to make a profit -in less than one year.-

It seems a lot of people have a slavery mentality, where they would prefer to sell their time for a paycheck, than start their own business and manage their own time. I don't want any more of that for myself!

Third point--if a person's focus is getting money out of people instead of helping them, they will end up discouraged and guilty--and rejected. If, on the other hand, you are seeking to help people meet their goals, you will find yourself rewarded again and again.

Don't push the same things on everyone. Find out what they really need and want in life, and help them get it. Focused on getting rich? You'll be disappointed.

Focused on serving others?

You will be happy, and make money besides. That's just a fact of life.


Your story sounds sad. I don't know what you are doing with your business but you seem to be making some basic errors before giving up disillusioned.

There is a system in place and it works. Having said that, the only way you can get rich quickly is to win the lottery. ACN is a simple business that takes time to develop. It is recommended to begin part time. And when you buy 1/2 doz magazines, you don't give them away. You get them back to loan them to other people - the same with the DVD's. Irrespective of that, with the systems available today you can build a business over the internet.

As for the $250 recurring bills - look at those services you will use anyway. You don't HAVE to go out and buy a whole bunch of new things. People who know and respect you are more likely to help you. But hey, you can't win them all.

I can understand you have had a gut-full, but you really need to sit down with someone like George Zalucki and get some common sense pearls from him.

All the best.


No excuse please are you still in acn? How about you hero George Z and his common sense?


Zalucki is awesome. We can all choose who to listen to--I choose to listen to successful people for advice.


I too joined ACN for literally ONE month thinking this was an awesome easy side gig to help pay off bills I had, and to start saving to getting my own family started with my partner. WRONG.

You go into this with a "sponsor" to guide you in gaining customers, and then recruiting people to join. First you pay a fee of 400$ to join! (400$ to become an IBO - i'm already in debt, thanks for putting me MORE in debt by asking for 500$) After my signing up, I was motivated to get my ball rolling, and with the sponsor I had, I thought I would be rolling fast. I was FOOLED. I ended up leaving the company after a month. I had to do all the research myself on learning what your saving with using these same products you use every day thru ACN rather then thru regular providers. Let me tell you, it was A LOT! You have to be prepaid for every and anything.

However, before my leaving ACN, I did meet with a sponsor. He wanted me to bring more people into the company to boost myself up. Having me call any and everyone in my phone. Now, what he had me say consisted of A LOT of play on words.

I wasn't allowed to say "ACN" or "Meeting" .. just "Want to make an extra $$$ this month".. And I mean who wouldn't turn down making a few hundred bucks. After that, he made a comment about me getting costumers, which I hadn't, saying "It won't really affect you but it will affect me.." Right there I was sold. This is just for HIM to get higher - to get a bonce. I quite. Done and Done.

Only good - I was able to get 50$ back upon returning there starter kit.

Thank ACN, for taking 350$ from me and not getting *** out of it!!!!! :( :( :( :(



I am in the UK and would love to have the opportunity to have the US opportunity. Signing up 5 customers and getting my energy bills free.

That alone will pay off the cost of starting my business within Months. If you want to get rich quickly buy lottery tickets and see how much that costs you over 4-5 years !!! and keep a record of how much you win to how much you have paid out. Been doing the lottery for 20 years now and not won more than £75 in one go.

You bought a business for $4-500 and you have stopped working on it within a month...Do not go to the bank with this information and ask for a loan to start a traditional business. I will not explain why !!!


Next time folliw the system and go to trainning to know learn how this business really works and maybe you wont have the womp womp story.Better yet just continue working 40 hours a week to make someobe else millions and also set the pace for your kids kids to do the same.Im sure you will find some financial relief , not......Hilarious


One month one month one month? Are you serious?


Just came from a sales pitch. I asked: How does ACN circumvent AT&T and Direct TV, earn this "residual" income.

I mean these guys don't need MLM to get their product to the consumer. He never answered my question but showed me some point system - redrew the pyramid and wrote $3,000 a month at the bottom and said "its that simple" I walked out.


Hey Nick. Just in answer to your question. ACN doesn't circumvent anything. They are generally "onsellers". They just don't advertise and the savings made by not advertising are spent rewarding the people getting the customers and product development and research activities. The person you spoke to may not have been able to answer if he didn't know - everyone starts at the beginning and there is quite a bit of learning involved.

Check out the advertising budgets of companies on the net. I major car company I looked at recently spent over US$1.2 billion in 2012 on advertising.

If you just listen to the people who give up, you will give up too.

Do some real research and make an informed decision. Unfortunately just about anyone can publicly heap blame on things outside of themselves, when honestly, most people just give up because it does take consistent effort to cut through all the bull dust and carry on regardless.

I don't know how many people think Steve Jobs or Richard Branson were "lucky". They were just smart and understood the principles of leverage they had to apply and they worked their butts off.

Just look at facebook - how did that grow so big? World of mouth man.. just word of mouth.

And next time someone says something you don't know a whole lot about, instead of getting angry and trying to crucify the messenger on here, stop and consider what questions need answering, and where to get the answers.


Simply put , the company is a relationship marketing business.Because you have a relationship with your family friends and associates, they will suport you and become your customer, befor they react to a commercial they watched on tv.So yes all of these companies haved partnered up with Acn because relationship marketing is a very powerful tool.You would have to be earning residual income to understand.I would suggest you learn a little bit more information before you speak on it.


Just came from a sales pitch. I asked: How does ACN circumvent AT&T and Direct TV, earn this "residual" income.

I mean these guys don't need MLM to get their product to the consumer. He never answered my question but showed me some point system - redrew the pyramid and wrote $3,000 a month at the bottom and said "its that simple" I walked out.


I have a long history with mlm's and I can tell you they all *sound* good and should work in theory but in actuality they don't work. They won't work for you and they certainly won't work for your neighbor or friend. An mlm (multi-level marketing) is nothing but an illegal chain-letter that is revised just enough to make it legal.

I personally know a man who was once one of those "guys at the top" who once was making $32,000 a month in bonuses. Guess what? his army of super motivated super hard working I'll-do-whatever-it-takes-to-be-like-him people all quit after they finally realized after 10 years they couldn't make hardly any money. I mean these were very very hard working people giving up all hours of the day after their day job and all hours of their weekend to their mlm scheme. I was one of them too. Their whole lines of signed-up people all quit. Every one of them. All those hundreds and thousands of hours were for nothing. All those little things they had to "invest" into their business is now just lost money they could have saved and gotten a nice return from a mutual fund or something.

I've learned that things like this sound good and seem to work on paper but in real life it is nothing but a joke. If anything like this would work it would have to be in another country like Japan where the culture more accepts mlm's. But the United States is not a place that is friendly to this stuff. I'm speaking from a lot of experience here. This type of business scheme will do nothing for you. You might as well be a dirt excavation business by digging dirt with your bare fingers and fingernails.

Don't buy into the idea that there isn't anything else out there. That's what these guys feed off of. They say "it's either our business or your dead-end job". That's what you call a false dichotomy and it is a lie. That IS NOT YOUR ONLY TWO OPTIONS IN LIFE. They say that to scare you and get you to waste money but it's false. Learn about proper investing techniques and at least you'll make some money and not waste it and all your extra time for nothing. That "residual income" sounds great but in a scheme such as this it never comes. If it ever does it won't be there for long. People don't buy into *** like this. There is a small percentage of people who do but it is a very very small percentage and it will always be that way. When 0.0000001% of a population is doing this "business" the market is saturated and everybody who will get in is already in. Trust me, that's the way it is. Period.

@bob the business man

All that...except I personally know over a dozen people who make tens of thousands a month on this. Beat that. Half of them started in the last year.

@bob the business man

Bob the business man.I am sorry that you failed at this business.The problem is some people think they can do it there way, because of the success they experienced before ACN, WRONG!There is a system in place, and you have to follow the system.Nobody tells yiu to quit! You build this business part time until you have reached a certain place financially residually my friend.Your failure in this business does not determine the sucess or failure of anyone else inthis bbusiness.


This dude john keeps calling me and trys to bug me with his pitch i keep ignoring the man for weeks at a time , but then he calls me again a month later. I forget his number every time, so when he calls again i don't recognize it and i answer.

I know about their "PITCING BUSINESS" reall good in fact i can tell you of another SCAM {point value, pyramid scam} its call USANA. look it up, its the same pitch with another big BUILDING on a magazine showing you rates chart and percentages that they get from god knows where.

You know how they say that rich people are *** and greedy with their money? Well people like MattR and USANA pitchers are worse because they run business's based on scamming people for their money.

Also to mention that he is just doing this to do it.

there really isnt any effort put in to, its really untraceable and alot of the time hackers use these websites as a gate way. THANK YOU FOR READING and get smart


Your right it is a scam! USA today, wall street journal, success from home, success magazine, fortune mag, inc magazine, nbc, Donald Trump, 23 countries across 4 continents and their government's, and 65 other countries currentlty trying to deregulate!

People like you are the only ones not in on this scam. I'm glad you leftt because that is just more money on the table for us. We are the worlds largest direct seller of telecommunications and home survives with partnerships with the biggest companies in the industry. This is not the lotto you have to work just like any business!

Don't trash this because of your choice to stay average your whole life. I won't more than average and this is the best business in the world. And I cash checks every month and they keep getting bigger. I will replace my 16 yr carreers income in less than two years if there is something as good or better let me know.

I promise you can't. I am 28 now and will quit my job by 30 and continue to work because its fun to make tons of money helping people make money and save money! You all are completely insane obviously by the comments you made. Good luck with your job ( Just.Over.Broke) and be okay with being poor ( Passing.Over.Opportunity.Repeatedly)!

Love you ACN!!! Thank you Greg, Tony, Mike , and Robert for changing my life!!


I am vert curious to know if you are still and acn rep and how you are doing with this business?


ACN obviously provides an opportunity for people to make money if they join at the right time and are able to do the right things. However (and you would probably agree, but just wont tell people you are trying to sign up), most reps will make nothing, and might even lose money. Also, by looking further into the endorsements, Donald Trump says it is a good business model (and probably has money invested). Does that mean he is doing it? Donald Trump also isnt the most honest business man. As far as helping people, would you be "helping" them if it didnt make you money - my guess is not. It is silly to convey the message that this actually helps people. All it is doing is redistributing the wealth to ACN and you (the representative). I am in no way bashing it if you are one that has been able to make money off of it. However, lets not look past what it really is (a modified pyramid scheme). Don't you think it would be free to join if the whole goal was to just get customers and sell the services? Well it isnt, and neither are the conferences, and the yearly fees. That all goes to funding the business. It is somewhat misleading to try to justify the company by attaching these services, when the main goal is to get more people to join. The magazine articles are third party (try googling acn and those magazine names, you dont get much).

Another thing they do in meetings is demean your job. What would happen if you quit, someone is always your boss, etc. etc. I would rather work under someone for less than to try to make money off my friends and family members (all of which are too honest and have too much integrity to do this). Believe it or not, a lot of people have morals and making money at the expense of morals and ethics is not part of their dream.

Bottom line, if you can make money through this I am very happy for you - more power to you if you succeed (I want everyone to succeed). However, please try to see why people view this in a skeptical manner, and why it comes across as phony (not from an earning potential standpoint, but from a moral and honest standpoint)


Can you point out to me what business is NOT a pyramid? Go ahead, I'm listening.

Just because they choose to share more of their profits, you're going to bash them?

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