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How I arrived at this site, I will never know. I have enjoyed reading some of the posted comments by people that really have no idea what ACN is or how they started.

The owners of this company had the exact thing you describe happen to them over 20 years ago by a Long distance carrier named Excell. The company went public and then was promptly sold out from everyone who was a rep and had personal customers, the current founders of ACN included. They later formed ACN as a long distance provider but structured the company so that what happened to them would never happen again.Since 1993 ACN has grown and now operating in 23 countries on 4 continents. Billionaire Donald Trump investigated the company and made an offer to purchase it and he was quickly turned down.

Again another example of the founders protecting their company and the representatives who have helped build it. With the business foresight that many of the people here do not have, ACN then began to add essential services that people are already using everyday any way. With the leverage of a huge company (debt free by the way)they have partnered with some of the largest service providers in the nation and world. These respectable providers would not partner with a company like ACN if they were a scheme or trying to rip off "the little people" as one uninformed individual tried to state.

Sure there are disgruntled people just like in any business but when a company can offer a 94% retention rate on their customers provided to the carriers who have partnered with ACN, the numbers speak for themselves. This is not ACN's percentage numbers but the partner carriers who have given ACN " the ole thumbs up"! Bill Gates, the second richest man on earth, recognizes the power of direct selling and MLM. The third richest man on earth, Warren Buffet, has said and I paraphrase..The deregulation of energy in this nation will result in the biggest shift of wealth for the people who position themselves to take advantage because "Deregulation of Energy" will only happen one time in history.

All of you reading this and those who posted their comments missed the opportunity in the past when Yahoo, Dot Com companies, internet, cellular phones, even Walmart were new on the market and people said "they will never last". Don't you wish you had a chance to go back in time and do something different? I know I do!! I won't miss this next Golden Opportunity that ACN has made available.

I don't have to trust a stranger telling me what kind of money I can make. All I have to do is look over at my Cousin who has been working this business for the last 3 1/2 years, the last 2 of which have been six digit salaries and who has only personally sponsored 36 people into the business as Independent Business Owners. I am his 36th person. But only 1 of over 5200 representatives here in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, and most recently Hungary.

One couple he sponsored into the business has been so successful that they have passed him in position and income! The business is what you make of it. It is your business and you work it how you want. If you want to travel to national and regional events, that is your decision, but in no way is it mandated.

The taxable write offs alone are enough to justify your travel if you so choose. I wish my cousin would have contacted me sooner, but I have done well now in just my first 32 days :) I hope all of you or anyone reading this will give serious thought in joining ACN.

I will quote Donald Trump, who featured ACN twice on his prime time reality show "Celebrity Apprentice", that the ACN opportunity "is a dream come true". Good Luck to all of you!!

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In response to "Anonymous" ACN is not a pyramid scheme. Essential service competitors have tried that one in courts and ACN has won every time.

Pyramid schemes are illegal because people do get screwed as you are alluding to. In multilevel marketing everyone can make money.

You can make money when joining ACN just by getting your required amount of customers. Anyone who puts in enough effort to become effective can make the 10% commission level on their personal customers.

Most posts degrading ACN are from competitors or nerds with no friends or social skills, it's pretty clear to see that


Even though it is possible to make money, ACN is a pyramid scheme which advises you to convince your friends and family to pay them for services at similar and in many cases higher than advertised prices for them. But, you still really cant make money until you convince many levels of people to pay $500 to ACN and get customers for them too!

They push you into joining and trying to get 2 more people to join in the first month ($500 ea) saying they could be family members and (surprise) you could pay for them to join yourself and get $1000 back in the first month if you do! I've seen several cases where they convince someone to work to do this and then their 'points' for purchases dont get recorded correctly and the person is out $1500 instead of $500!!!

This is a crazy pyramid scheme and yes you can make money if you convince many layers of people to join under you for $500, and leaves everyone feeling screwed financially and personally. Get any job, you will make more, hurt others less and not feel *** and like a slime!


Your Question "Why isn't everyone doing this?" Because its alot easier to sit on your *** and blame everyone else for everything you quit on. Thats why 5% of the world controls 90% of the money, There the only ones willing to put in the effort to get it.


People who say your going to get rich just by putting in the $500 are lying to you. I joined and didnt make money for quite a long time but the truth is i was extremely lazy.

As Soon as i put in an effort the results started to happen.

This is Network Marketing not Notwork Marketing. You have to put in an effort, But it is worth it when you do.



I have been to the pitches too. A friend of mine just signed up.

As a result, I have investigated the company very thoroughly. Even to the point of finding out where and when they filed their corporation papers. By the way, they are an "A" rated company with the Better Business Bureau. In my opinion, it is a good opportunity if you solicit as in any other business.

If you only intend to market to friends and family, then I do not see how you can make the returns on it that are stated in the promotions. I believe you will do wonderfully in this business if you put in the time and effort, and if you make the effort in sales.


blablabla...all the meetings are exactly the same, you think you have people you want to sell to then you get an email and ACN tells you, you cant. it doesnt work unless you have 50 friends.


My friend told me the same *** word for word that was just said! What a repetitive scam!

Go get a real job my friend has not gained any money from this compong business at all! And I have been to a couple of the meetings as it sounds like a huge rip off





Shills, plants, phony websites, Trump, secrets, lies, deceit, trickery, fraud.

What's everybody so upset about? ACN has it all!


My son-in-law started within the last 60 days and he has already received his initial investment back and is moving forward. I will say this upfront, it is not an easy busy to get into because of negative discussions and generally people not willing to get out and work at this.

It is not easy in any endeavor to receive a six figure salary even with ACN. With ACN you have to look for people willing to repeat a successful proven process, which often seems to be just too difficult for most people these days. It is relationship marketing or products we all already use, some have great discounts some don't, but since it is based on relationships they often ask if you wouldn't mind someone you making a profit off what you already spend away. Now that may sound like a scam to some, but if you are not willing to ask friends and family to support you with items they already spend money on, then this is not for you.

If you don't mind asking friends and family to support you with your endeavor and pay their bills as normal for services they already use then you can make some good money. This is all about asking friends and family for support.


You just posted the same cheezy sales pitch that is repeated over and over by ACN reps before they have stopped drinking the coolaid. Its what you hear when you go to the little "party" where your friends pressure you to "invest" $500 in NOTHING!!

Scam Scam Scam Scam.

Admit you made a mistake and stop sinking money and energy into ACN. I feel embarrassed for you.


"If it was this easy to make 6 figure incomes, WHY ARE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DOING THIS?"

Uh, do you want to rephrase that question?


I actually just went to a meeting put on tonight by a gentleman i know. When i read this, i could start finishing lines and predicting where it was going by the end.

This is almost word for word the presentation i received tonight. I have huge doubts in this company. For the little information i was given, i was mostly told about how much income i would receive and how little i would be working.

If it was this easy to make 6 figure incomes, WHY ARE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DOING THIS? So many facts do not add up.


Lilmasta- Here is some solid advice for your son. ACN is a solid Billion dollar company.

Simply put, ACN can lower its customers rates on various services they already use. That is why ACN is the most attractive MLM company. There isn't any "magic" juice or pills or cream to sell. Your son will be in the business of saving people money on services they already use AND will continue to use.

This is the definition of residual income....sell something once and continue to passively receive income from that sale indefinitely. That's the upside. The caveat to this upside is the same as with any other business- you reap what you sow, so work hard and work smart and you will make money.

Follow the plan and work the business and success awaits.

My qualifying statement: I am a traditional business owner and I make a nice mid six figure income, and I am always on the lookout for financial opportunity. ACN has been the best opportunity for passive, residual income I have come across in years.


it is amazing to hear all these people making money in acn but no one can prove there income when asked just come to a meeting they say and all will be explained to you i know people in the company who pretend to be so successful and yet are broke reps who say i got people all over the world working for me i have paid my house in 6 mths going great really then that is why most of them still work full time jobs


Lilmasta- I'm so glad you have landed such a great company. My son is interested in seeking out ACN for $500.

I understand this to be a Sales position. Could you describe your job description with ACN, i would like him to be as success as you.

Thank you in advance for your honesty. -Concerned parent (11-1-11).

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