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My wife joined ACN with the promise of expanding in Mexico to start her business venture. I sat into the meetings and I am thinking its a total marketing scam. They seem to only promise living the good life however they focus more on recruitment than anything else. In my opinion with using ACN it is a low quality company. Here's what I mean. First off when we signed up with the Flash wireless the Verizon side in order to get someone to activate my phone I was on hold at least 1 1/2 hours maybe more because I put the phone on speaker and did my normal things. They want you to use the chat side. and if you live on the west coast you better not call after 2pm or behold after 2pm because they close the office and you have to wait until the next day. with the Verizon side you can not use any 4G phone and with sprint side you are limited to the older 4 g or LTE phones.

Verizon side with ACN she was promised free service which mean if you have a 67.00 bill you still have to 13.00 then its not free for promoting their product. switched to sprint side and they were supposed to give free service but since the admin side does not communicate to the other side which we were told then the next billing cycle would be free. guess what it was not. why sell for them and they just do not honor their commitments.

the Idea was for her to enter into Mexico and get people under her. They expanded into Mexico and the product line was beauty supplies I think herbal products and something else. The prices for as an example shampoo was around 40.00 for a little bottle you can get for 5 bucks at any big box store. Not the same brand. Here's my problem with that. Mexico is a poor country and you are recruiting people to purchase products to sell to the common people with a huge mark up OMG how can you sleep at night. In my opinion ACN only wants to recruit and not build the better mouse trap only a trap.

Total RIPOFF. they do not have the ACN little people in mind only recruit and get their 500 admin fee. Shame on you.

Reason of review: Lies.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Well they are launching Flash in Mexico next week. Too bad she didn't stick it out.

Also when they offer free service they mean just that.

The service is free. Regulatory charges and taxes are not.


Saw enough "marketing materials" for ACN coming through my store in Yuma, AZ that I can say with complete certainty that it's just another pyramid scheme. So sad that so many people are still falling for these shams time and again...


$40 for shampoo?

@No Bueno

Check the currency. In USD, it is only 3 dollars.


Don't get me started on that *** video phone.

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