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My husband just tried to cancel the video phone service (after 1.5years of *** service) and was told that we would have to pay a $115 cancelation fee right now or keep the account open. They refused to take payments and told us that the system is automatic and will try to pull all of the money within a 24hr period.

So here I am, stuck with an extra $40 bill.

They can't just pull out the "payment" for our account by changing it in the system. Cant they just run a legit company and us help out?

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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I became a rep for ACN, me and my wife, we got a few customer; they all complained about the phones being roken and the service. I brought the ACN Video phone and after about 8 months of having it, it stopped working, now I can't receive calls, check my messages, or make calls with my separate phone.

I can't believe I paid over 2K for this business and now it's giving me problems...Since I'm an accountant, I figure I'll just write off the ACN experience and get at least half my money back if not all.

Switched back to vonage yesturday, wish I would have kept with vonage.

Now I'm involved in an credit repair business that want rip people off, like ACN did me and my wife. Just tire of the bull.

@Soon to be ex ACN Rep

Why would you pay over $2,000 when it only costs $499 to become an IBO? You need to report your upline, because someone ripped you off dude.


You can use skype if you'd like.. but it isn't a secure line.. sorry


The videophone is a joke, even within the ACN company itself and among it's reps. It's obsolete technology. Forget ACN, go with skype!


I am An ACN customer , and I love the product VERY much, My daughter-in-law lives here with us and her family lives in England. She gets to call them and see them on this amazing video phone everyday and can talk as long as she wants. I think that is worth a million bucks !!!

@ACN lover

I love it too! Had it for my businesses for over a year before I decided to become my own IBO and make some residual income off my own services.

Heck, I can't believe it took me that long to figure out that it was a no-brainer. Now I do have to agree with some of the nay-sayers, that I am not bringing in the big bucks. My personal residual check is right around $800 - $900 off my own business accounts (and a few family member accounts). Now I do have a very successful business and no desire to change careers at my ripe old age.

So I haven't put much effort into my ACN business, other than checking my status every morning when I check my email. Not complaining down here in the panhandle.

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