Toronto, Ontario

When we first got the video phone it did not work at all so we waited patiently then they came out with new models for us to upgrade. this was such a nightmare the customer service is bad and the call quality is the worst thing i have seen.

I don't know how these guys keep pushing this stuff. I know a better company that has way better video phones and Voip plans than will smash acn.

This company has donald trump promoting this awfull product. They trick people and when the reps quit and 95% do.

They keep the customers. Buzzirk is here guys and Acn is finished and washed up.

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Dave N

I won't be buying the video phone anyhow. If I want to make video calls, I'll use my msn messenger or skype and talk for free. :)


Is there any other use for my acn video phones. Or should I just discard these costly electric items.


12 years of sales exp. Many years in management.

Presently self employed. Past 13 years...Beware of the entire set up.....

@former a c n rep

But you have no concept of hard work. I know several people that have gotten involved in network marketing, and EVERY ONE that worked it hard have succeeded.

You say you are self employed, but I'm sure you do not have a team working for you.

You are earning your money with 100% of your efforts, not the efforts of a 100 strong work force. That is the differnce between making a living and making a life!


Lol, an MLM mouthpiece always strays around.


Dont join ACN, the services sucks and all they "train" you or hype you up is to get more reps and they litteraly force you to qualify by getting the services. Really most of thier reps are the same customers.

I lost about 3000 all together with travel, fees, etc...but its all good, we learn from our mistakes but for those that havent joined, please DONT!!!! my advice!


Dargo is a funny person. Not knowing anything has an opinion on everything.

This phone acts as a regular phone on top of being a video phone. This is why you would need a headset if you want to be able to talk and walk...

I hope by today Dargo realized that there are Skype Videophones out there and have been for a long time. How can people comment on something that they admit they don't know or never used?


Hey excuse me all, but the whiney whom started this is not telling you that ACN, sells for AT&T, Comcast, Sprint, T-Mobile,Cox, Time Warner,Nextel,DirectTV, DishNet,Flash wireless, Clear, CenturyLink, ADT,Verizon, and yes also energy for over 14 states now, so you can save money on gas and electric. See this is not a fair play by the complainer up there, I am proud of being an ACN rep.


Hey that guy bad mouthing ACN is nothing but a sad sack, lazy one time rep. I dont think Donald Trump would back a losing corporation up.

Think about it, Donald Trump is a Billionaire, and the guy here woofing his breath got nothing.

Whom would you listen to? a successful businessman, or a complainer?


Ha, 23 years of sale experience, and what happened? your job was unsecure, so you start *** about ACN.

I already seen young millionare whom joined ACN, it took them 8 years to get there. that was their plan B. I cant believe it, 23 of sales experience, and has nothing to show for it. You sure you didnt work for sears as a counter salesperson.

The name of the game is getting more reps to sell products, not a rep selling products. Hint, the more reps, the more sales, duuuuuuuuuhhhhl


ACN rocks


I stand by their products and services. I saved people lots of money on energy and phone service.

You dont have to go with the video phone, you can stay with the digital adapter. I heard no complaints yet, only by lazy reps who think money will flow easy for them. And that your saying only the top make the money, well yes they got there because they worked their butts off, you didnt. So stop being negative and making accusations, about ACN.

go ahead call all those providers you running your mouth on, see how much you will save. I was with DirectTV, and was paying a high fee for tv, I went through ACN, and cut my bills in half, so please stop trying to ruin a company's reputation.


I was a Rep. for two years with an ACN website and back office.

I have 23 years of sales experience, and what I saw is the only customers that ACN has are it's Reps. The only one's makeing any money are the people at the top. My up line guy was on of the top people in the United States, and he did not even talk to me on my new video phone with his video phone, if he actually had one when I asked him too. I also found out that ACN owns at least one other company that sells their video phone under a different name without the ACN Reps knowing, very unethical in my book.

If you want to market ACN products, become an authorised rep. directly with the: Cell phone, energy, alarm and satellite TV companies.

You don't need ACN, and you don't need to split your commissions with them. And by all means, stay away from their substandard quality Video Phone.


I don't know what year you live in, Dargo, but you can Skype and/or use Google Video on your smartphone. You don't need a computer, and you don't need to be on wifi (though it helps).

The services are completely free. AND you don't have to be tied to a cord. Imagine how cool it is when a friend in Colorado answers while he's skiing, and showing us what he sees while going down the mountain. Nothing can truly compete with that.

I'm an ACN rep, and I can't endorse an inferior product.

The only people that would probably buy this are old people that are intimidated by computers and smartphones.

When it comes down to it, however, money is the bottom line. With that in mind, free is always better.


ACN is a rip off. The video phone is a nightmare.

Sound quality is poor, with echoing and static, and most of the time, it simply wasn't working. Customer service is extremely frustrating. The company promised a wireless upgrade, and after a year and a half, no upgrade was in sight. I called and after a lengthy call of arguing my case, they brought up my file and agreed that I had called numerous times with complaints.

At first they said I could get out of my contract for 50% of the fee. After I exploded on them, they agreed to let me out of the contract with no penalty fee. I lost a ton of money with this company.

They make many promises, but don't know how to keep them. Beware!!


I have been approached to join ACN as a business opportunity. I have viewed their marketing dvd - seen donald trump which gotta admit dosnt impress me much..

can anyone advise of the actual start up costs with this?

And does the video phone really work and is it their own network? Seeming alot like Amway to me and a bit cloak and daggerish just sayin


Well, I think I've heard enough of baby-cries about ACN video-phones. So:

1) I didn't use ACN services yet but I saw their phones.

2) About the complains about the cord: are you kidding me guys?! This is a VIDEOPHONE dummy! It is SUPPOSED to stay in front of it so you'll see the guy you're talking to and he would see you! Why in the world would you need a cordless handset???. If you don't like the cord, use the "speaker" button.

3) About Skype telephones. I didn't use a such telephone so I can not make judgements and comparisons with ACN, but I have never saw a Skype VIDEOPHONE!. If there is such ting, I apologize, my bad! But if there is no such things then , again, are you kidding me guys?!. To have a video+voice chat with your mother overseas, with Skype, you need A whole computer on each end of the line, not just a little device as the ACN videophone is. And finally,

3) Yes, about the "look" of these phones. Yeah, may be they are not the most attractive design, but they are not looking bad either, especially, when we are talking about the newest models. But , personally, I don't care about this aspect as long as they are doing their job especially because are stationary devices. So, if you don't like ACN SERVICES, or RATES, this is OK, but DO NOT pollute this topic with nonsenses and all kinds of complains without any drop of so-called common sense.

Get a life, kids!


Hey, if you have the new ACN phone I would be happy to buy it from you. I love mine and the experience has been awesome !!!


Yo check this out ! i have been doint this for a little while and it is not all about tyhe phones.

So unless you are a *** *** who has not the slightest idea of how to market yourself then you need to just hang it up and stop crying! In a nut shell i can sell a grave to a dead man and talk anyone out of or into anything.


ACN is a joke..stop kidding yourself and get with all network marketing companies the reps end up becoming the customer base because ultimately the products and services become less and less competitive as there are too many players and too little profit margins. Think about it, how on earth do you pay levels and levels of downline rep commissions? dont! I had nearly $1mill worth of organization billing per year and could only pull $18,000 a year from it, i could get 10 times more being a private reseller of any stop making wild claims of how much income you are earning and trying to base your dreams off the broken dreams of countless others!

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