Bellevue, Washington

I was lured into ACN as a rep and I bought both phones the IRIS 3000 and the newest item the ACN IRIS V and they both are lousy! I can't call a single person (my customers) on the phone without some sort of issue, they can't hear me I am breaking up, voice is distorted. Worst yet you sign up for a 2 year contract that costs you money to terminate even though you can't even use the *** phone!

Should have known better look at the stock of the company making the phones for ACN World Gate Communications

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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I was a rep for 1 1/2 yrs. Skype was always one up on the video phone and it's free.


I had the 3000 and had their highspeed service too and some calls were poor quality but most were clean. My new phone works just as good and its not a ACN internet service or phone.

My problem with the phone was it would not tell me I had a message I had to actually wake it up to see the icon at the bottom. The new phone has a flashing LED to tell you but paying another 100 dollars for a phone I just bought months ago was not in my interest.


Is is very interesting to me how people make comments about something without knowing what they are talking about...but I guess eveone is intitled to opinion even if it is a stupit opinion.

If you don't have internet at all (fast internet like cable). Why you would by a digital phone service? Are you that....

If you don;t have a compiuter, why you getting cumpiuter support> What is wrong wirth you?.

Please people know something before amking comments.

Gues what .. I have the video phone and I use it constantly. $30 monthly charge but I talk over 15 hours every month to my native country and I use it also for a lot of domestic calls. Not to mention calling every now and than to a few friends I have in Spain and Dominican Republic.

And you don't have to buy a video phone to be qualified...why you would spend time to be on line and type a lie?! ... You could be qualified from getting a new service - video phone is just one serivce. How I got qualified. I was not happy with T Mobil and I got Sprint and a friend of mine get Flash wireless ( cell phone). I got my digital phone way later because I got tired of paying for calling cards to talk t my family in europe. Now I pay $30 a minth and I could talk forever to anyone.


The quality of the call depends entirely on the quality of your internet connection. I have an ACN videophone and make calls all over the world and the USA and Canada without any problems at all.

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