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ACN will have you believe that they are cheaper. They are a total rip-off scam, and you should NEVER join or become a customer of this dispicable organization.

The entire business model is a disgusting sham, and shame on the founders for taking advantage of consumers. All you need to do for proof is run the numbers. Go onto www.MYACN.com as if you were John Doe buying DirecTV. Then go online to the provider DIRECT, www.DirecTV.com and order the SAME equipment and services.

You will find that ACN hides behind exorbitant rip-off fees such as equipment fees, handling fees, service charges, processing fees, activation fees, one-time charges. They are more expensive, and if you purchase your products and services through them, guess what you get for customer service? NOTHING. Because their customer service is anything BUT.

You get reps who have no clue about anything. They are clueless, and all you'll get is re-routing from one number to the next, and then transferred from one overseas department to the next. You can barely hear the reps speaking.

This is ridiculous. RUN RUN RUN and BUY DIRECT!!

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I'm in ACN. I converted my own stuff over.

Customer service for ACN brand digital phone was great. Customer service for Verizon was awful (not ACN's fault).

Prices are pretty much the same except I get a few percent back. It seems to make sense to sell the opportunity so that you get a piece of many bills that are all the same.


ACN prices ARE NOT cheaper than direct. I'm a rep, and have been misled that it was the other way around.

Though I just started, I've had 6 deals fall through because when it came to price, because people show me the flyers that are a LOT cheaper than ACN. Perfect example is AT&T Uverse. For the basic internet, you can get it for $14.99/month for a year, then regular price ($38/month). Direct through AT&T's website, it is $19.99/month for a year.

ACN, however charges $24.99/month for the first year, then $38/month. I looked through everything including all the equipment costs, and it is the exact same thing, just the prices are different. This was just one service, DirecTV, Dish, etc. had similar disappointments.

People thought that I was the one trying to rip them off, but I told them to go with the best deal. You can't sell the same product to someone who knows they can get it cheaper.

Even as an ACN rep, I can NOT recommend getting service through them.


You say:

"ACN prices are the same or a little lower than going direct."

I'm curious though, where can I find what the rates for ACN services increase to after the "introductory prices"? Oh, what, ACN reps leave that part out when trying to sell their services?


ACN prices are the same or a little lower than going direct. You tip your hand by referencing customer service.

All customer service is handled by the actual service provider. So if you sign up for DirecTV then they handle your customer service, all ACN does is acquire customers.

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