Eden, Utah

Anyone who tries to convince you that ACN works is still trying thier hearts out to sell it- and failing. It all looks good on paper but the reality is that ACN is a scam.

The video phone has multiple issues and once you try to cancel your service they ignore you. You spend $500 to sign up to sell it, but once you sign up you realize that while they do have services to sell- at a high price- those services come secondary to getting other people to sell under you and pay $500.

Just stay away- or you will have huge headaches! ACN is a total fraud!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Alexandra, wouldn't you think that "ruining your life" is a tad overemotional. VoIP is not a normal phone service, the quality depends on your location and speed reliability if your Internet service provider. If it bothers you get a normal phone or cell....


ACN HAS RUINED MY LIFE..Eveytime im on the phone my friends tell me that they can hear their own echo, and it sounds like there is a lawn mower in the background!! My mother nearly lost her job because phone calls will not come through, and when she called her boss to apologize the phone call dropped!

Not a good look is it... We are consistently rebooting our modem, sometimes even 5 times in one morning!

WTF is this, are we retrograding back to the stone ages? With ACN in our home, yes it does seem thats the case.


Better tell the BBB that their A rated, accredited business is a "scam" and needs to be added to the official scam list. Or better yet, tell all the companies involved, including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and others that they are all in on a "scam".

What about Apple, Windows, Adobe, and all other businesses in existence? They scam you everyday with their upgrades 10 times a year, and EVERYONE buys in to that. People need to wake up, every business is a "scam" and a "pyramid scheme". That's business in general.

The top makes money off of every existing tier within the company by preying on everyone's wants and needs. There is no "get rich quick" scheme going on here, just great pay for hard work. No different than the work you would do working at a verizon store, just more pay. People are just so used to being forced in to the mind frame that you have to work hard for nothing, that it has warped perspectives of what is possible in the working world.

Be bitter if you want, but for some it will work and others not. Just take it for what it is… a business.

And if you really have a problem with ACN take it up with the BBB. It's the only way any of the negative opinions will actually have a sway on anything, if they're feasible complaints.


ACN is a huge joke. Anyone who signs up to sell this *** is probably not too smart, broke, and looking for any quick way to be a millionaire.

Problem is, that won't happen. The people who do this are *** of the earth and will never succeed unless they get out. Paying $500 to sell ***.

WOW!!! Wake up people.


ACN is an awful company and a huge rip off. It tears people apart b/c you get to see the power money has over friends.

If they can't sell these faulty products, they try and make up for it by inviting family and friends to sign up to sell this junk for $500. And this shlt is credible. Here's my name. ACN is awful.

The devil's company. Trump is making millions off of these dumbazzes.


The *** video phone reboots and updates in the middle of calls. I can do the same with Skype for free on my computer I told them.

Because I refused to sign up with the rest of family that joined the “ACN CULT” they no longer talk to us, answer our emails, and answer our phone calls. Looks like our big Thanksgiving and Christmas get together will be canceled this year.

Too bad, I will miss them. I love them all, but apparently the mighty dollar is more important than family.


I am interested in ACN, please contact me with skype jeunesse124


I have a very strong passson 4 acn i havent got to the levill of sucses i want butt i no i well and that is half the batill if you have faith you well get thar and no one can beat you down if the person below powsted was D.DAVIS i love you in a A.C.N. WAY


you are a perfect ACN employee!


When ACN says "become an expert", they mean "learn how to BS anyone into buying this service." I mean, how hard is it to be an expert at Direct TV? You pay for it monthly and you watch shows.

That's it. The only "training" that ACN gives you is teaching you how to get people to sign up even when they don't want it.

Usually they do this by getting you to beg and ask for favors. Not exactly what "experts" do, now is it?


The positive posts about ACN have a lot of similarities... Hello same person posting over and over again.

this made me laugh:

"IF you dont like the video phone then become an expert at just one of the other services to get your customer base"

cuz it's so easy to become an expert and brainwash your friends and family that you're an expert.


Oh dear more ACN employees desperately trying to convince people that ACN is legitimate. Ha! This would have to be the biggest SCAM ever.


If ACN ruined your life and you want others to know then why didn't you add your name and make your complaint somewhat credible? I tend to think annonomous complainers are just that, complainers. So keep your views to yourself if you can't even back them with something as simple as a name, even a first name will do.


ACN has been great for me... I don't know what people are complaining.

I showed this to a few of my friends and they thought hey lets do this.. It took me about 5 months to get my 40 points to reap the full residual income of the downline in which we help everyone that comes into the opportunity. I have been in a little over a year and a half and residually receive a little over $1k a month as people pay their bills. It works if ya just do what your suppose to.

Take the time to understand the comp plan and it works. Odds are you dont go to training and dont understand what you need to do to be successful.

Blame your upline for not helping you succeed. IF you dont like the video phone then become an expert at just one of the other services to get your customer base...


On the contrary, ACN has played a very critical role in improving my life and thousands of others. I started with ACN 17 years ago and worked very hard to get where I am today.

During that time, I developed strong business relationships, made lifelong friendships, enjoyed priceless experiences and have made a good deal of money. 17 years ago, I couldn't even have dreamed the life I am now living - what a blessing ACN has been to me and my family! I am a much better person because of ACN, so I would encourage anyone reading this to stay positive, work hard and believe in yourself.

You CAN be successful. Find your passion and go for it.

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