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I signed up with ACN about a year ago, lost my job was trying to look for steady income and tried something I've never done before.. As many of you know to join you need to pay $500.00, plus you have to get qualified with a ordered services which will give you the points.

I got my "revolutionary" video phone for total price of little over $200.00, I got my personal page for 29.99 a month, which I "really needed" to control and monitor for cash flow (as I was told by my sponsor) Total I had 3 points for about $68.00 a month, but that wasn't enough to be qualified ACN rep. I was looking for another 2 points to Qualify. I was on the contract with Sprint, decided to brake it, paid early termination fees, (for which I'm not putting any blame on anybody) and signed up with AT&T through ACN WIRELESS to complete my points. After I got approved and received my phone I was very disappointed as my phone was refurbished and had some of previous owner information in it.

I called ACN WIRELESS to complain, and I was "politely" told that if I want to exchange this phone, first I have to send my phone and wait for another to arrive which they didn't have in the stock at that moment.. I'm using my cellphone daily and couldn't afford not to have it for couple of days, so I agreed to keep it. The problems started in 60 days when my phone started to freeze, I don't want to go through all nightmare with ACN WIRELESS eventually I had to cancel my contract with AT&T and paid them 200.00 termination fees. I was happy that is over..

BUT IT WASN'T! Almost a year after, last week, I received a collection notice from ACN WIRELESS that I owe them $200.00 additional fees for braking my contract with ACN WIRELESS! Is it a JOKE?! Why this scam still continues?

Anybody PLEASE STOP THIS RIP OFF! We are all trying to survive in this wick economy, and companies like ACN with their services pulling us down dipper in debts!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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*** for signing up. Mlms like acn prey upon weak, gullible, low IQ people. Sad.


what does "dipper in debts" mean? Video phones were a fad of many years ago and are no longer relevant. This post is 6 years old.


Thanks for sharing your experience with ACN. I was curious to learn about their services and the Business Opportunity. Your experience tells me to RUN away from ACN.




When it comes to business and the cost of business it is expensive to get started. Its also really hard to get something off the ground.

500.00 for an already established business is something that is almost a steal, unless you sign up for a company like ACN. If I have a great idea for a business and I want to make it grow I contact people that know what they are doing, not randoms on the street that have no experience in a specific industry and that will approach major businesses with my companies name. With any respectable company your name is extremely important and as a business owner, I have to agree with the people that say that this company is a scam.

You can make it to the top in any company, but it takes previous knowledge of the certain industry or God given talent mixed with hard work.

This is something that the average person that is taken advantage of by this company lacks as they expect to just be given success.

The fact that IBO's for this company are responding in such an unprofessional manner defending their company with swear words and cutting what people post down is a sign that this is a scam and the fact that the company starts with preying on peoples hopes and dreams and charging 499.00 is another great sign that this company is a scam. Whats even a bigger joke is during presentations there is no real numbers that they provide to get you to join by showing you averages and such, instead they pack hundreds into a room to listen to a guy with a big title tell them about how rich he is.

So do your research and don't fall for companies like this.

Success is something most people can achieve but it takes hard work, thinking original, taking advantage of opportunities that most don't realize exist, and realizing that success is more than just having a lot of money. If anybody ever promises you a quick way to the top with a large group of people he never met before chances are its a scam.


ACN is terrible in my opinion. Hype and smoke and mirrors.

The termination fees for their services are very high. They are not competitive. You can do better with all available services by dealing direct with the major carriers. That is the bottom line.

Be careful. Stay away...


There's so many complainers. It's all people do.

Waaa.. ACN wanted money to join. Waaaa more money for this and that. That's the cost of business.

That's the cost of making money. People are great at complaining. Waa acn wants me to do actual work?. I want to be lazy and get money.

Your not entitled to anything.

This world owes you nothing... I'm tired of the Internet being full of whiners and complainers.


True dat! Some people don't understand that in order for you to make money, you need to spend money.

Just like when investing in your work's 401K, purchasing real estate, starting a business, etc.


ACN is a direct seller of services you use on a daily basis. If you have an issue with your cell phone service then you call the cell phone provider directly.

You make your own decision to purchase services offered through ACN. These are services most people are paying regardless of ACN. So instead of letting someone else make commission on services you use you are making the commission. Paying termination fees was your own decision and is not recommended in this business.

As an independent business representative I NEVER ask a customer to terminate an existing service if they are going to incur a fee. I ask them the date the current contract ends then follow up with them at that time. As like any service you will have problems but they will be corrected if the correct customer service is contacted. ACN also continuously adds new services benefiting both the consumer and business owners.

For the comment by luke on utility services being “bogus”. In many markets ACN will lock in a rate or you have the option of a variable rate. This is the case with most third party providers of utilities. I encourage all of you reading negative comments about ACN to do the same research on companies you use on a regular basis.

If you make a decision not to do business with a company based on negative comments from a few people with a bad experience then you would have no companies to do business with. This applies to many industries.


ACN services are a ripoff. Their high speed service is not so high speed. Their VOIP service is sub standard probably because their high speed internet service sucks. I'm getting 1mbit download speed and that's high speed? And I'm paying $68 for *** phone and internet service. And oh yeah if you cancel, you pay a fee of around $120 for both phone and internet.

Their utilities service is bogus too since in the fine print it states that the price you get is not guaranteed.

I'm cancelling and never doing business with these folks ever again.


FYI, ACN is not an Internet Service Provider. ACN and it's representatives are authorized retailers for ISPs such as AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Frontier or any other ISP available for the address.


Is every ACN rep a weasel or does it just seem that way?




im reality you are not a hard worker nor a positive person. lets talk about the other problems in your life besides ACN, I bet there is many so stop complaining and grow up.

ACN doesn't make you, you Make yourself and the choices you make define who you are.

and a second note there are some corrupt ACN reps those are not hard to spot out. but they also have the once who truly make a difference, without greed and arrogance.


Look, ACN is as close to a scam as you can get, but it's still legal. They bought WorldGate (or they bought a dominant position via stock) and appointed ACN seniors to the WorldGate Board. Lame. They have a company named Ojo that also sells the videophone - to RESELLERS with MILLIONS of customers. So, ACN effectively COMPETES with its own reps. This is just one story; there are many others.

ACN is very good at giving canned answers that raise doubt about the veracity of ACN critics.

What you never see these ACN yahoos doing - with their various "levels" of position within the company, is showing their new recruits a 5 year history of ORIGINAL W2's. They won't do that, because most of the people who say they make big bucks with ACN, don't. Not consistently.

ACN has changed commission rules, just like that - no warning. They have changed "requirement rules" just like that. No Warning.

You have to BUY access to your commission spreadsheets! $30 per month.

These people are slick and slimy; they know all the legal angles and are clever enough to stay out of jail. They know what they are doing.

They are fast buck slime who prey on the unfortunate and desperate. Sure, a few people make money, but they parade those people out as the rule. Sick.

If there is such a thing as karma, Provenzano and his gang will all come back a ditch diggers in the Artic.


ACN is not a scam or even close to one. By the looks of it sir you have no idea how to be an IBO or run a business.

With your inteligence of ACN it looks like your trainer/ TC was not doing a great job with your team.

You sound like a little kid with your crude jokes. Go off on a business that is actually failing


Keeping it simple for everyone. For a startup fee of $499, and 25 new customers you can make up to 10% of residual commissions per month (depending on service). I already have 8 of those services in my household.

The only other ingredient you really need to add is something called "work ethic".

The ACN system is not perfect, but if you put your mind to it and really do your true best you will see profits.

Regarding the videophone, like any product, its something that has its own target market segment. I have 10 videophone customers who are mostly grandparents who like seeing their grand kids grow up.

It does take time for the residual money to grow. It really is intended as something to develop on the side, while working your full time job.

Every endeavor is both an art and a science. Learn to be great at what is involved and you will excel!


Well I will say as much, I haven't had a issue w/ACN.. If I have any issues I take it up w/the cellphone provider.

The cost of the phones here are grreeeaat!!

They are much cheaper here then in the stores!! 8) :grin


Do the MATH ! 1/2 of 1% x everybody you've ever known and all their business =

$127 a month and no more friends ..

"let he that will be deceived, be deceived "

ACN has people on here with canned

responses . I heard all those lines before . They are good liars .

98% drop out rate and you never really can get a straight answer from anybody


So, first off sad is a liar. ACN does not deal with AT&T anymore. AT&T pulled in the reins affiliate marketing when Verizon released the iPhone and they realized huge customer losses.

To the OP. You made a lot of bad decisions because you allowed yourself to get caught up in the moment. ACN has offered to hear you out. Take them up on it, and when they fix your problems, write about how great the experience was.

The best financial and business magazines have written nothing but positive unsolicited stories about ACN. Fortune 100 companies have come to ACN asking them to do their marketing for them. Donald Trump, while he has his own MLM company, continues to endorse ACN. His team of lawyers as well as every affiliate involved has picked ACN apart page by page, and every time they have come out clean. If it's a scam a lot of companies with good reputations are in on it, and you are missing out because you made a mistake and decided to play the blame game instead of acting like an adult.


I joined ACN last year and my mentor told me to do all this stuff which I did. None of it worked and I lost all my money.

The last thing he did was told me to quit my day job. That I didn't do. Good thing too.

Because a year later he has no job, and quit ACN, suffering a 5 figure loss (that's over $10,000!) Me, I'm fine. Still have my job and I'm done with the ACN scam forever!

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