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Hi, I know you feel it's a scam...when I first joined a few months ago I did my research. I seen good and bad reviews. I've also had a in-law who previously worked ACN a year ago. She failed terribly she never made her money back cause she couldn't get a recruit. She tried to recruit me and I said no not attending her home meeting. So her and her husband quit!

New testimonial, my brother joined a year ago and guess what he is successful at it. He quit his high paying job cause he matched the income and better. Since I've been in ACN I've watched him get promoted twice I've only been in 4 months now! I got promoted within the first 30 days. I wouldn't have joined if it wasnt for his proof that it works! Its all about how you work the business and if you recruit motivated team members. Then yes you will succeed in this business. It can be easy or tough but if you dont give up so quickly it will work. Its up to the person on how successful they will be in ACN.

Its not the companies fault if you fail. That just mean you didnt try well enough.

My team is growing I'm on my 7th level of team members already! The team does help you if you truly want help. I witnessed those who complain too much and make excuses dont make it and those who dont get discouraged make it. I understand everything u said i admit sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard. But life is that the way the meetings are now free. The only things that cost is Regional and National. When u start your own business you pay more money If your an independent contractor u pay for most of your stuff. Your independent that's how it works. I know that most of ACN'S tactics sucks but that's them people I don't let nobody pressure me I take my time on my time. I have cousins in the business as well and we're doing great! Not a TC yet but my brother is on his way to that position soon. It's all about the drive in you and I wish your friend success and trust me I doubted my brother until I seen him doing great. That's when I decided to join. That's how it always happen when people see you working the business well then they day oh I want to join now or bitter past IBO'S resign up. When they see their file or friends being successful! Don't knock it till you try it for a year!

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But what about the services that you sell to people, and there is no customer service that really stands behind the products That is what questions me: join or not?


Why don't you learn how to write a review and use correct grammar and punctuation ? It would make you seem more credible.


Thanks for post. Good to read success stories.


Thanks for presenting both sides.


Not so sure if he did.


I done tried it too, and I didn't quit ! But, I didn't make enough money to cover my expensis. That is why people start a bisness - to make mony, not to lose mony - right?


How much money does your brother make a year?


Good good question, its a question they never answer . Lets see if someone can say anything!

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