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Hi, I am reporting from the New York Market. I've started with ACN on Dec 11, 2015 with an open-mind. I'd like to share my testimonial with everyone and show how I was introduced to this opportunity.

I had enrolled myself at an IT course as my legal full time was not cutting it. It was in the midst of this course that i found my salvation. I was introduced into this opportunity by a professionally attired gentleman who sat down with me at a Starbucks wherein he began to draw circular shapes with "Me" and "You" and other blank ones thereafter. Oddly enough it looked like a pyramid. Yea, those "pyramid scheme" sort of things. But, as I held an open-mind, I heard him out wherein he further explicitly described the business and how it revolves around helping individuals save money and that the business owners would earn money if they acquire customers as ACN is solely based on customer acquisition. Throughout the presentation, two distinct words really grabbed my attention, "Residual Income". Not to say the least, but who doesn't residual income..

The following day, I had done my due diligence into the organization and found some positive and negative feed backs. But obviously, someone close minded would hear the negative over the positive and discontinue with going forward with it. I, on the other hand, wanted to get an opinion from individuals that were successful in this profession. Now you see, we don't ask for directions from the passengers but rather follow the GPS, hence why would I entertain myself with idiots that didn't make it in ACN? So I reached out to the ones with first hand experience. Needless to say, i signed up on December 11, 2015 as an TT.

As I started to sign up, I noticed that the fee was 399$ (original 499$). Now ask yourselves, when was the last time you became a distributor for various essential services that never asked for any initial investment?? In a traditional business, you at least need to invest well over $250,000.00 if not more. 399$ for being able to become a licensed distributor for the telecommunication, energy and other essential services, is a no brainier. Got started and my storefront went online!! I was so ecstatic about it.

Now looking at the monthly bonus flyer, new IBOs were to obtain 4 services with 10 points in order to receive 150$, get another $100 with a total of 5 services with 12 points and an additional $150 with 6 services and 14 points. That's a total of 400$(my investment)!!! It gets better, for the newly enrolled IBOs, hitting a position called ETT within the first 30 days would lock down an additional 200$. Now being forthright, there was a lot of money up for grabs and haven't even shed light on the customers that would be acquired with this process for the "residual income".

I got started right away and with a clear mind, I jotted down everyone in my circle. I've encountered a lot of "No's, maybe's, it doesn't work, scam, etc.". Nonetheless, I never lost hope. The ones I thought would do it, didn't. The ones I thought wouldn't do it, did it! I was prejudging!! I was able to establish my first 3 customers with Xoom energy. Let me say, by far, their fixed rates owns!! Not only did I educate myself prior to approaching anyone, but I educated my customers with respect to their energy usage. I built a foundation of trust and friendship with them. Through the trust that I established, I was referred to a business owner with a Pharmacy who became my customer and gave me his other 5 pharmacies!! If my recollection serves me correct, that's 12 services and 24 points all in one shot.. I only needed 6 services and 12 points to get my initial investment back, and that I did so graciously!! Wooot!! I was on cloud nine..

With that in mind, I continued going forward with a great momentum. I was able to bring 6 individuals into my organization by early February of 2016. However, I did not make the 30 days ETT so didn't qualify for that bonus. Fast forward, we were enrolled to take part in the international convention which was days away and I noticed on the December bonus flyer, for an IBO that is able to lock down an ETL position within first 60 days with a total of 75 points between you and your team, they would get an additional $1,000.00. I was only 5 Points away. Now to be able to achieve success in this profession, one must have these attributes: coachable, professionalism and duplication. As I was, my down-line followed my coaching and I was able to knock ETL en route to the international event and doing it in 58 days. Not only did I make my initial investment back, but I made $1000.00 profit. Many traditional business owners hope to make return "of" their profit and not "on" their profit in the first year. I've gotten back my investment and made profit on it. All of the money that i made thus far were just bonuses that I made in less than 60 days, not counting the residual income that will come from the 100+ customers, month after month after month after month. Success is not measured by the cloths you wear or what you drive or where you dine, but the amount of individuals you lifted in the process. My journey to ETL has been pleasant and without a shadow of a doubt I can state that my run to RVPP will be a graceful one. Your in this business for yourself but not by yourself. Prior to ACN, I was struggling and hopeless, all you need is a "Why" that's bigger than yourself. ACN means freedom, security, time with family for me. Live above average, invest in yourself!.

What I understood from people who are not risk takers is that, give them free, they think its a trap. Tell them it's a small investment, they'll say can't earn much. Tell them to come in big, they'll say no money. Tell them try new things, they'll respond with no experience. Tell them its a traditional business, they'll say hard to do. Tell them it's a new business, they'll say its MLM. Tell them run a new business, they'll say no expertise. They all have some things in common, they love to listen to friends who are as hopeless as them. They think more than a university professor and do less than a blind man. People fail because of one common behavior, their whole life is about WAITING..


Erfan Jay Ibne

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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So someone who makes a $100.000.00 a year, should quit his job, pay $499 fees so he/she can make a $1000.00 bonus? You are a genius.


Ok clueless ***. I own a business and do acn in my spare time.

At some point in the future, I will be a making more at acn than in my other business.

At that point I will start to wind down from my business and then do acn full time. It takes about 3 years to make rvp with this business. It's not instant money. Get a clue.

What are you so angry about?

Not everyone makes it in this business they give up cause it's too hard to actually work.

Most of the people in my group are doing good. Some aren't. And when I listen to them it is clear that they aren't working the system.

You sound just like them. Here's an idea,

Go to work and quit whining!


Here's a clue for you - check out all the SVPs and RVPs that have left this company. Do you think it was because they were making too much money...??? You may want to take some business courses before offering any more of your myopic advice..


So you pulled through and got your initial fees back. Now those other 5 or 6 you got in, most likely didnt have same success.

And then your bonuses now pay for your expenses, and then will all vanish. Unless your other 5-6 guys continue to find other people who is willing to lose $500 just like most of the other 5-6 just lost theirs.

And so fourth, until you quit and lose all the profit and realize you can purchase direct services for less and save $$. ......


Could you provide your monthly income? All I ever hear about is the initial bonus and getting your money back.

Well if you continue to pay for these services through ACN you just give your money right back to them. Looking for more of a long term financial perspective not initial.


Are you serious? I get free electric and gas and cell phone bills .

After almost 3 months. You know why? Cause I actually go out and get customers.

I get 90.00 a month from one business.

And I get residual on 90 more customers. Do you even know what that is? Residual?

This is the easiest thing I've ever done.

Try leaving you house and go get a customer.

Not that hard. But it is easy to do nothing and whine.


I also get a 100 dollar bones every time a new ibo comes in under my downside. Those checks come in weekly.

After my next promotion to tc, I get 300.00 every new ibo.

Yhe person who got me in is a tc with 128 ibos. Her bonus is 300 per newbie and she had 21 in april that's 6300.00 I see her pay

So shut up about this you are obviously not ever even going to try to make this work quit bashing those of us that are successful.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day... Is the record of success for most IBOs in this company much different?


Keep waiting and you'll find out........

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