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To those of you who are transfering anger or ill content to ACN for early termination fees, take a look at all technological services, wireless phones, internet, cable companies etc. They all charge an early term.

fee and require at least a two year contract. Do you not read all the words, much less understand what you are reading before you sign the dotted line? This is not exclusive to ACN. We make our own choices based on the information which we read, and research.

Those of you who feel as you do, I tell you to own up to a bad choice on your own part! Grow up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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The first thing I was asked, do you want to save money? Yes was my answer.

Signed up for ACN my first bill was $114, second bill two days later, was $33. My third my third bill was $127. My fourth bill was $87.

My regular bill with my old phone company was $85. That hope phone and Internet .

People who I was talking to had trouble hearing my works, the keep asking if I was talking underwater, my Internet speed was so slow. Tried calling up to have it fixed they weren't very interested in helping me they said call back tomorrow. The next day, I was told they are working on it. Well two months later still working on it ,not a very good service My internet connection was still slow and people still could not understand me on the phone.

I called to cancel my service, my $110 cancellation fee.

Very quickly became $138. And they still charge me for services, to which they could not provide.

Stay away from a ACN. !!!!


If the equipment is sub-standard they don't. I was told 400 to get out of my gas account but now that I want out, it's 1400. ACN is the worst.


Read the terms and conditions of service. Once signed on, they do not have to provide any service whatsoever and the customer still has to pay even if there is gross negligence or willful misconduct on ACN's behalf.

They can ammend this agreement at any time and claim it replaces the old without your consent. At least the competition is required to provide service for payment.

I would think the contract should be defeatable in court but for more cost than the termination fee. Good scam potential.

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