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I imagine you are receiving emails, texts, phone calls, etc - all urging you to sign up for the next "life changing, momentum building" event in Charlotte in a few weeks. Let's do the math on this thing....

The average attendance they announce at these quarterly events is about 20,000 - so that's about 80,000 people that attend each year. We also know that the arenas can't have crowd above a certain number, for fire code reasons, etc. We all know ACN will not reveal how many Reps they have, how many join, how many quit, etc. But, we hear from some of their SVPs that they have tens of thousands of reps in their downlines, so some of these SVPs supposedly could fill an arena with their team alone!!

If these meetings really did what they claim they will do - no one would be able to get a ticket after the first day!! Rock concerts sell out on the first day - ACN is lucky to do that by the time the event happens! You with me??!! When they have these national all-rep calls (dial in tomorrow and see what I mean!), they tell you if your really serious about exploding your business, if you are really committed to achieving financial freedom- you will do whatever it takes to pay the reg fee, pay the airfare, pay the hotel, etc, to be there.

Well - if that sales pitch was really true, why do the very Sr people have to push, pull, cajole, coerce, and even beg their reps to attend these life changing events - every single quarter???? Remember, some of these SVPs could fill Charlotte with only part of their team. But all of the SVPs together have trouble filling all the seats - because the vast majority of people that have already attended - haven't had their life changed.

If they did, the event would already be sold out, and, there would be a LOT more SVPs... Simple math - do it for yourself...

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Someone felt compelled to share an update on qualifying for current positions... it sounds like they have continued to lower the bar almost to the floor. I understand that people like the idea of being "promoted", but this kind of so-called motivation produces mediocrity, and any legit business owner should know that.


Have you noticed the company has now moved their event recruiting tally from public view, to the private "back office down-line reporting " (available only to subscribers for $$). Don't you wonder why that is?!!

You also can't find many photos like they used to post of the crowds in the event arenas, but, when you do see some, the upper level seems to be obscured, or pretty empty... hmmmm.

If the training was good, wouldn't more people show up? But if the benefit of these events is really mostly social, why charge everyone to attend?


Wow, it sounds like the last three big meetings were all half empty and now they are going to a smaller spot in Detroit for their next one. I keep hearing about hundreds of thousands on teams, but only like 6000 show up. Whats up with that?


Just read this, and I heard the recent gathering in Phoenix AZ was half empty - that's a message! After that, the prizes for getting people to sign up for the next meeting no longer included airfare and hotel rooms. Doesn't it seem that the registration fees are connected to the VIP perks?


Following this thread, and the one on the Phoenix event... It is one week away from the Charlotte deal, and they are STILL not sold out!

How could that be possible??!! They announced a new deal for everyone, a new plan, and a new "circle of champions" - they continue to state that these events are "life-changing, momentum-building, $$$, etc, and with all of that, they are still hounding reps to fill the seats. Hello ??? Anyone home??!!!

People don't go to things that don't deliver as advertised, or that they don't like - no matter how much you push it! Maybe the folks at the top should sell their own sofas and TVs, exotic cars, etc - and fund their own first class trip to some nice beach resort...!!!

Or, better yet, sell all those excess toys and donate the $$$ to a charity that can do something more meaningful than decide what fancy wheels to buy for their car.... For all those out there who have NOT had their lives changed at these events - holler back !!!


Discounts, contests, etc - may very well suggest that what you are buying is NOT high quality. Try asking your local exotic car dealer for a discount...!

I can well understand why people don't wan't to see the same old movie with screeching/ slick talking speakers, over and over and over and over again - for an entire weekend!!! And unlike the movies, pay hundreds of dollars to see it!! Buy a NWM book on Amazon, sit in a comfortable chair at home, and save your money and your time!!! If so many people that have already attended these events are not interested in showing up again - even with discounts and contests - that should tell you something.

If it doesn't, count how many SVPs there are in over 21 years of doing business, with hundreds of thousands (at least) seeing this business over those years.... That tells you what your odds are...


This post is very informative, and no one is disputing the numbers, so it really does pose a good question on why there is such urgency to get people to attend these events?? Even though they say this event is a highlight - with recognition and a new game plan - they are only 2 weeks away from the event, and it is STILL NOT SOLD OUT??

I guess because of that, the "deadline" for pre-registration discounts has been extended - once again! Sorry, but people look for value, especially in this economy, and if you paid the money, and didn't get what you were told to expect, why do it again??

There is a message that seems pretty clear here... It certainly seems that the real issue is the revenue pot, but unfortunately, very few get to share in this one, so they don't want to contribute.


ACN has four of these a year.


Funny to see this -such desperation to fund the VIP boondoggle...! I just saw a bunch of posts on social media from some of the senior level reps, telling people basically that they won't succeed if they don't pay-up and show-up at this next meeting in Charlotte!

I agree with this post, if these meetings really did help people make more money, you wouldn't have to lean on anyone to show up - it would sell out immediately - but - they NEVER do. The numbers suggest that tens of thousands of people that have attended, haven't seen a benefit and stopped showing up.. Let's get real - they all can't be wrong! And suggesting that the people who have decided this doesn't work for them are lazy or *** is just completely unprofessional...

But they do it, and their names are tagged to their comments for all to see... smh...


They have to hard sell these events to pay for the airfare, hotel, first class meals, drinks and activities at some nice resort for the Sr level people. They also have to pay for the VIP deals at the events. I don't think I will sell my TV or sofa and go the the event, so some Sr level person can sip cocktails on the beach in Cancun...

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