Edmonton, Alberta

Every service paid = 1 meal donate to Food Bank. It's real people business.

I'm proud to contribute a little every month. Many kids will be fed and more and more as years go. I got Home, phone, Internet and it's work great! I can call from my home phone on my cell phone when I travel to safe money on long distant fee on my cell phone.

My mom use my home phone number when she travels also. She safe money and it make her happy. I just want to help. It's 24 meals a year just with one house using 2 services.

Thanks ACN! It's an amazing company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Bundle.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Shill . . .


I'm all for helping people in need. My friends and I donate money, food, clothing, furniture - anything they will take and can use - to local charities.

We also donate our time, serving on food lines, preparing meals, cleaning up, sorting donations, etc.

For those that have the desire to do any of these things, you don't have to belong to any organization, buy anything, or sell anything to your friends and family to help out. Just contact your local charities directly - they will be very happy to hear from you, and whatever time, money or goods you donate will have a much bigger impact!!!


I so agree with this!! ACN 2016...

Trust me the next 5 years are wow for them... Peoples will realize soon who they are....

Thanks ACN and Xoom Energy!! You fully changed my life and allowed me to retire at the age of 34 years old :D

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