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My best friend got roped into this company and signed Neil. I was thinking it might be good cause I have a ton of mamma and pop stores near me and it can help them save money.

I was very wrong. First of all I dropped at least $200 to earn my points. When I told my leader that I didn't have the money she snubbed me and said "well can't you ask one of your guy friends for money?" Um no cause they're like my bros and I'm not asking them for money. Somehow I managed to pay for it.

But then she just fell of the gas of the earth. I held one meeting and she didn't even bother to show up. Afterwards I got like six different stories as to why she couldn't make it one sounded more fake by the second. Eventually I got some common sense and wanted to quit.

She hounded me down basically not letting me quit and put her grandma as a customer while she paid for it. After that I owed her $200 plus. Meanwhile my friend got conned into going to a conference the leader said in the beginning that she be there with her. She lied.

Turned out my friend would be staying in a different hotel and flying on a different plane than anyone else. I couldn't go due to an eye surgery. She panicked and who could blame her and didn't go to the airport. The leader CALLED the airline and LIED saying that my friend though the flight was cancelled.

My friend uncomfortable with lying hung up and the leader furiously texted her almost cursing her out.

But wait it only gets better from here. The leader wasn't trying to get in contact with me at all and was lying to my friend. She said that she talked to me and I was flat out REFUSING to give her the money. Text after text after text my friend nasty ones I might add.

But when I got on the phone with her she wanted to PRAY with me?? Please. So I ended up paying her $200 plus my friend lost thousands and it put a real strain on our friendship that we're still recovering from. When my friend said she didn't want to be an ACN personnel anymore the leader told her she gives up too easily and thank for telling her cause she was planning on putting someone on her team.

Manipulation much? Don't ever go to the company. Their leaders are manipulative, lying greedy and in the red themselves.

Mine didn't have a car for the longest time and was being locked out of places yet I'm suppose to believe that this company will make me fortunes? I don't think so.

This has been an awful experience and has cost a lot of money and heart ache.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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The person doing that to your friend could be charged with harassment provided there is proof of it.


I have made some Youtube videos to get the word out there that ACN is a scam and a very scary money hungry cult. Please support my videos and let's all get the word out there. Together we can try to save naive people as we can from getting brainwashed by this vicious cult.

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