I joined 74 days ago have 13 business partners and 91 customers. Ive made over 2000.00 and havent even started getting my residual checks yet.

If you want to make money with this company it is unlimited. The problem with this is ,you actually have to work. My group has 2 regional directors and 11 tc's in it. This has been done in less than 2 years.

Some of them are making over 15000.00 per month. All the whiners on this site are unbelievable. They want the million dollars but dont want to actuall earn it. This takes time to make it big thats all just time .

the system is awsome.

I dont have to do anything different than im doing right now to get to rvp just ride it out. Everyone of the whiners just quit because they done want to work, they just want the money.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Reading the comments, I don't think it's useful or appropriate to call people "whiners" for having trouble with their internet, phone, or other services. One person has an elder relative to care for and can't afford to have their phone line down for any period of time.

It sounds like this company has inconsistent customer service and gives people a hard time when they decide to change services after having a bad experience. That isn't whining, that is exercising your rights as a consumer to take your business elsewhere when you aren't getting decent service.


We all know there are tens of thousands of people that go to quarterly events, host meetings, get some customers and recruits, attend training and try their best to do what their "leaders" tell them to do. We also know that the majority of these people make little to no money and many throw in the towel.

The Company website acknowledges that, btw, but go ahead and ask around - see how many reps still have their j-o-b so they can pay their rent. But, Mr business guru, if what you say really is true, and all these people that haven't made much are just all lazy whiners, then 90% of the Reps recruited are lazy whiners. Correct?

Is that even possible...??? Good luck to any of you considering signing up under someone like this...!


Wow what makes you so negative?

I now have 15 ibo's under me. 111 customers.

My cell phone bill is free. i have to only pay taxes and fees 9.00. I get a xoom energy card to pay my electric bill with. When I get two more gas customers, then I will Get a Xoom card to pay my gas bill.

I got to the ETL position in 29 days. That got me a 1,000.00 bonus. 6 new ibo's came in under me since I made ETL That is 100.00 each. and as of Saturday,,,,,when a new ibo joins under me or one of my downline and gets two business partners, that get qualified, I get 550.00 And yes most of the ibos under me aren't going after this like I am, but as long as they keep getting qualified, (Some do some don't) I keep getting bonuses.

This has all been done in 4 months. 4 of my ibo's have not done anything in 3 months. zero! Some are getting customers and my business is growing.

That's all I can do. But not bad for 4 months. I'm not stopping till I reach RVP. It will take about 4 years.

I also got my first residual check this week.

It wasn't a huge amount , but it will grow a little bit each month for the rest of my life.

All one has to do is just stay with it.

I own a construction company and I will keep doing that until I make enough to be able to do ACN full time. And I don't care how long that takes.

So go on and be negative , I chose to be positive and succeed.


The first person was the negative one - calling people whiners, in between their boasts. The second person offered facts - which do seem to be negative - but they are still facts. Choosing to remain ignorant of them is probably not too smart.


How long were you in acn and what position did you aquire in that amount of time? How many business partners and how many customers?

This will tell me all I need to kmow!

Just curious?


ok, so you say "all one has to do is just stay with it". And if they do, then what happens?

We hear this all the time, but we NEVER see proof from this company of what really does happen to most people that stay with it and don't quit. Why is that?

Seriously? If you are not sure what the question is, I'm happy to explain it to you.

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