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We've been with acn for almost a year and it was ok for the price we paid. However, for the past couple months we lose our connection in the evening EVERY DAY and anytime between 8pm and 1am we have no internet or phone! We have called at least 10 times and nothing ever got solved. For 30 minutes every rep tells us to do the same procedure as the previous one: turn on and turn off modem, check cables, etc. They are useless.

When they finally acknowledge that we have a problem they tell us they will call us back in a couple of days or send us a technician. NEITHER OF WHICH HAPPENS. They even tell us that we have to pay for the technician, even though the problem is entirely on their side. We are sick of calling them everyday and getting no results so we are leaving them as soon as the contract ends.

Avoid at all cost.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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don't wait for contract to end just leave...


I have been with acn for just a month. WHAT a nightmare.

People call and say they dont even want to because of BAD ECHO on their end. Then we have to keep our cellphone on in case someone cant reach us on this piece of *** phone. Ive called them and they have me do the same thing every time but does not help.

Noone seems to know or care. What a nightmare.

@mad, mad

Mad, Mad, please contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-228-3798 and reference case number 8508409. Your description sounds unusual and we want to make sure that you are receiving top-notch service.

Let’s get this figured out. We look forward to speaking with you.


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Unfortunately many people that join ACN and try to sell their products don't do their research. For example, unless you have high speed internet through Comcast or something equivalent you should not have an internet phone.

Their are hours and hours of videos/powerpoints explaining the products, which if your a competent salesperson like myself you take the time to study and learn. I'm sorry that happened to you, but the problem lies more with your friend that sold you that than with the company.

@The problem Lies with the Sale

As usual somebody defending the ACN (scam) company! How can it be the fault of the friend/person who sold the phone when the poster himself said that they have been using the phone for a YEAR and it was only the past couple of months that they have been losing internet/phone connection and also, after the poster called more than 10 times, it was only then that ACN acknowledged the problem and that ACN told them they will call back and send a technician which NEVER happened and also had the gall to tell the poster it is his responsibility to pay the (DID NOT APPEAR) technician for fixing something which was entirely ACN's problem or fault?

You ACN brainwashed people STOP insulting and blaming everybody else (like the 9 to 5 working people who you call failures and who you prey on and scam anyway) and STOP defending the UNDEFENDABLE ---greedy and without morals and integrity ACN and ACN representatives who will scam and *** even their families and friends and even sell their souls for some few measly dollars!!!


Very bad experience with ACN and its 'salesperson'.

The salesperson brings you into the scam-web and ACN steals from your credit card.

Never ever pay UPFRONT for any service they provide (they don't bill you an invoice).

After complaining about their service and them not doing anything about it, i called my credit card company and finally got action.

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