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I was actually asked to join this company, a mutual friend introduced me to one of their glamourous shows in gloucester hotel in london. OMG Ayub el emrani was his name gave this massive speech about rags to riches. People would get excited and clap and cheer. I felt very uneasy. Its fake. NOT REAL. I basically gave the wrong credit card number on the forms and fake names since i felt conned into coming to the event. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

From what i gather it has a pyramid model, guys at the top make the money, all you at the bottom give them money.

Have a nice day :)

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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My friend I am an ACN independent rep and from what I gathered from your comments is this, you are uneducated in the topic you are trying to have an opinion on. This immediatelly discredits your opinion as you have not made an informed decision. also you have no experience and you havnt tried ACN or any Network Marketing organisation for that matter, so my advice to you would be to first gather all correct and unbiased information and find out what ACN truly is then you may comment and have an opinion but before then please leave your uneducated opinion to yourself and stop spreading negativity on a topic you know nuthing about.


You criticize someone else for "trying to have an opinion" on a business, and for their education on the subject - which I doubt you know anything about, and - you can't even spell... You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but does this company want you as their spokesperson...???!!!


Please don't try and be literal and a *** at the same time. Shows you really don't know what you're doing. Don't be upset with an OPINION then give your own.


But aren't you doing the exact same thing? Upset with someone's OPINION then giving your own?


I went to a small ACN meeting and a very large meeting that was very exciting but, Nobody forced me to sign anything! My friends are doing very well with ACN I wished I would have signed up to sell but I didn't so I just enjoy ACN products and services.


Hello yes I went to one just this weekend everything sound real good till they started passing out applications and a fee $499.00.which I didn't have a clue of a fee my friend didn't mention this.


I'm seeing is a lot of informed information passed around. You can have ACN services as a customer and just chose them as your energy agent by reducing your energy and service bills with at a secured rate instead of variable rate, or you can become an sales agent and begin to build your own pyramid.

I'm a government employee, own a couple of homes and pursuing two Master's Degrees.

As far as I'm concerned I will still have career path and this will just be an avenue for additional money. This is an opportunity like most others because the $499.00 isn't told in the begining because you need to know about the savings on your enery or service bills first. Land line telephone, cell phone, cable, internet, satelite, and home security system, the products come as a plus, not a bonus.

The bonus is money paid for recruting and becoming a recruiter isn't free, no business, franchise, or company is free in this world. Let's stop complaining and try it with some enthusiasm and perhaps become wealthy and then say I'm glad I tried it instead of not trying and wound up complaining like I'm seeing now.


" ...the $499.00 isn't told in the begining because you need to know about the savings on your enery or service bills first."

Oh is that reason? What about the 149.00 annual renewal fee, the 39.00 monthly fee for a website and the 200.00 or more travel and hotel costs for ACN's annual meetings?

Why aren't those mentioned at the beginning of the meetings? Could it be that all of those unexpected expenses would scare your average human being away?


$499? Sorry, that is not cheap.

Even my deposit for my security was only $199.00 initially (three years ago). I pay around $42 for my electricity, around $62 for gas (sometimes less on each as I'm on the budget plan, there are months were my gas is only $12 or $22). I'm on a family plan for my phone so I contribute very little to it (around $10) and my internet is $44. So I'm paying around $160 in bills after rent.

So where exactly am I saving with ACN? Also $499.99 plus annual fees? You never pay money to get paid. So I'm supposed to pay out the $499, then dish out more money for the services, activation fees, and sign up for services such as a landline (really?!).

And then I'm supposed to nag my friends and family to sign up also so they can get upset with me when their services don't work as promised and they can't reach any kind of reliable customer service?

I fail to see where I win here.


You have a close mind you stay broke did not give real look if you gave wrong card details it would not go through


You are just a simple GUPTRs:





Rubbish "It's a pyramid scheme, guys top make money" yeah same guys make money millions from your corporate job so called £6 per hour wage, could I say that's a pyramid scheme? lol


General huh?

What about 95%+ of IBOs making $500 or less per year? How is that not a ripoff when it's advertised as an "amazing opportunity" and a "multi-billion dollar business".

The definition of a pyramid scheme is people asking for your money in order to join whatever they're saying you're joining.

In this case, ACN. Does the local grocery shop asks you for $500 when you start working for them? No they don't, and before you reply saying it's because ACN is a business, or a franchise, stop right there because it's NOT. The only people saying you have your own business when signing up with ACN are your mentor and the top execs, a big red flag.

I could create a company and call you "Regional Vice President of Sales" and this title won't mean ***, same thing for all this "build your own franchise!" ***.

You don't own a company, you don't own a franchise, you're just a sale representative working (in)directly for ACN and they sugar coat it in order to gain the maximum number of IBOs they can get their hands on.

When signing up, the contract you sign makes sure to dissociate ACN from their newly acquired IBO, in case you know, the rep tries to claim ACN lied or deceived them later on, they can come back and claim they had nothing to do with this.

There's other useful info at http://www.acnpyramidscheme.com/.


That $500 is a license to allow you to sell products from partners such as Virgin Media etc.


You're right, if you're looking for more info or are trying to stop people from signing up, I suggest to read more at http://www.acnpyramidscheme.com/

ACN is a well hidden pyramid scheme, you should not be fooled by this shady company. Good job.


Just curious...so, you didn't try the company. You went to a presentation, got scared, lied, & ran away?

So when exactly did you find out it was a scam? I must've missed that part .

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