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It's a pyramid scheme which uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming to dupe people into attending a meeting at which they will be "hooked", and them trying to keep them asleep long enough to *** a $499 deposit free from them.

When I had the misfortune to be invited to one of these things, the brainwashing techniques used on me included

1) My inviter misleading me over the subject of the first meeting. She asked me if I could attend to give her moral support as she gave a business speech. The real reason was to get me to start selling ACN products. ACN members are actually instructed to lie to the people they try to recruit over the nature of the first meeting.

2) Once at the meeting, a lot of moral pressure is applied to get you to sign up. You see, ACN only wants the best for you. They also imply you'll be letting the person who invited you down if you don't sign up, as that person requires you to be part of their team before they can get their money back.

3) They don't actually tell you about the money you'll be losing, mind. They simply give you a form with space for you to fill in your banking details. If they see you hesitating (as they did me) they tell you they're being very kind to you in setting you up in business for "just" $499, as most business people have to spend thousands on overheads.

4) It's hypocritical of ACN types to criticise the negativity of those of us who try to open people's eyes. ACN themselves try to poison the minds of the people they are trying to *** against anyone who points out that ACN is a pyramid scheme. New recruits are instructed to think of such people as "rotten apples".

5) Attendees of an ACN meeting are ordered to make a list of everyone they know within 48 hours and regard every one of them as potential business clients. Perhaps they're worried the would-be recruits might start to wake up from the brainwashing after two full days?

6) They also order new people who are duped into attending their meetings to organsise a meeting at home of their five closest friends, in order to announce their entrance into business. ACN also plan to attend this meeting. IN Britain, ACN dupes have 14 days in which they can wake up and gets their deposit back in full. Presumably the purpose of this meeting is to make it harder emotionally for them to do that.

My heart goes out to anyone who has lost money to this horrible, unethical company. Although I could see through what they were trying to do, it was still a horrid experience to be duped by a close friend into attending that first meeting. Whatever BS they feed you, remember this:

ACN are ONLY interested in your deposit fee. They know you are statistically unlikely to make money as you'll quickly run out of people to sell to.

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I am a proud business owner with ACN, and it has changed my life. This company is a legitimate company that was established in 1993 and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

It has since expanded globally to over 20 countries. We are partnered with multiple businesses such as Verison, AT&T, Dish, Direct TV, Anovia, Vivint Home Security, and many others. As an Independent Business Owner with ACN, we receive a professional website and are fully supported with all customer service needs. That alone would cost thousands for a traditional business.

All we pay is $499, one time.

There is no other company with such a low startup cost. Every single legitimate company has associated startup costs involved.


Amanda says "all we pay is $499, one time"... See her post ^...

I guess they no longer charge an annual renewal ($149, or you are deactivated/ no more income). That would also mean your website access ($39 per month) is now free!

And, they also must now let you attend local training ($5 TO $15 per session), regional training ($45 to $100+), and the quarterly "international " events ($149 + hotel and travel) - all for free !!! That is great news !!!!


Bull ***. I just joined last month and this company is truly the best.

I've already gotten my money back that I signed in with. I agree its not for everyone, just like going to work everyday is not for everyone. Some people just want to go to work everyday and get paid just enough to pay for their bills every mont, some people want to make residual income and live financially free (do it once and get paid over and over again), and some just want to do nothing and get paid from government subsidy checks.

Bottom Line this is a different vehicle than typical 9 to 5 and I for one appreciate working for financial freedom where it has a proven system that works.

I've started two other businesses in the past and this one by far has the smallest risk of any business. So I am willing to the a risk especially if it leads to financial freedom for only $499.


I agree with you! I had the exact same experience!

My recruiter yelled at me all the time! Get this... I had a liver problem and was in the hospital all the time. It turns out, I was literally dying from liver failure and needed a transplant asap.

My recruiter yelled at me every day I was in the hospital, telling me I needed to make money and recruit people!

So ridiculous! Donald Trump is a huge supporter, also.


Sorry, but honestly this is the dumbest thing I have ever read lol all my friends are doing Acn they seem pretty fine it's network marketing! Acn is partnered up with the biggest companies in Canada like Bell Canada and Rogers are they brain washed as well? Listen i understand you had a bad experience with Acn if I didn't make money I would be mad at my self not at Acn it's a system that many people make many dollars from..


ACN is giving you a very simple directions to build a business. Even though it is simple, most people think that they know better and dont follow the steps that is why they have failed..

ACN is one of the best business nowadays


ACN is one of the best recruiting businesses nowadays.


(Read also my review below posted on January 09th). My husband has received a "certificate of recognition" (in recognition for earning the position of Executive Team Trainer) at a big convention in front of a lot of people ... but he still hasn't made a penny yet despite of his hard work and dedication. He is just a minion ...

If you want to sign up for the business, you need to keep in mind that when your customers (family and friends) receive the bills (they didn't read the fine prints because you was so convincing that they trusted you)and notice that they have to pay more than you've told them or because the service is *** they will come to YOU first before they call ACN customer service. This is happening with my husband right now.

Therefore, do your own research and READ THE FINE PRINT ... the person (your friend and relative)who tries to sell the service to you has been misled by his up-line or didn't study his material from ACN. When my husband wanted some explanation about an outrageous bill that one of his customers received ... he called directly a ACN person who claimed to be wealthy thanks to ACN and promised to help him ... this guy told him that he has been misled by his up-line and yada yada ... (this guy made a presentation in my husband's first house-meeting and was using a script, you will never know the truth with this kind of people ... days before the house meeting, my husband's up-line has collected some information about the people who will attend the meeting like jobs, occupation, interests etc. ... and the script is written accordingly to play on their emotions and minds using NLP in an attempt to enroll them.

The only thing I can say is do your own research .. shop around , you might find a better deal. And if ACN people, portray themselves as good Samaritans and tell you they just try to help you to start your own business and make money and save money on your bills and act like this they were successful with ACN... It's because they ask them to have this kind mindset. My husband tells everybody that, and he wears suits at the meeting, and says that he has all the titles ... but he doesn't tell them that he has never made a single penny from ACN.


My husband went to a meeting and signed up (I wasn't there). He is gullible and easily manipulable. I don't know what it's being said in the meeting but my husband thinks that ACN is easy money and has been successful to recruit his mom, 2 family members and 2 of his friends who didn't do their own research themselves. His up-line pushed him to enroll people before he tested the services.

He hasn't made a penny yet but spend half of his free time trying to convert family, friends, co-workers and the other half trying to fix himself the problems resulted by switching his customers's existing services to ACN and attend training. Fortunately, he's a tech guy ... problems arise when existing services are not compatible with ACN services ... the switch is not always smooth (keep that in mind if you have a business and consider to switch to ACN and can't afford to have phone issues) ... ACN customer service is a pain to deal with, my husband tries to fix the problems himself (some people still don't have services after one month).

My husband looks demon-possessed now and turned to a recruiting machine. He values only ACN people. He became arrogant, and look people who don't want to join as loosers, dumb ... he presents ACN as the messiah that will deliver them from their financial bondage. He has already a big argument with his sister because she refused to switch to ACN and looks down on her because she doesn't seem to understand the potentiality of ACN.

His mentality has changed ... and he is about to screw up his relationships. Typical new convert attitude and behavior ...

Did I mention that he hasn't made a penny?

He has been congratulated by his up-line for making customers in a few period of time ... but he's still not qualified for bonuses. I don't know how well my husband understood the compensation plan but he thinks that he will have a big check of recurring income ... but according to my calculation, he's not going to have more than $10/month. He's like under a spell, I can't reason with him right now ...

ACN is not legally a scam but it will cost you ... not only financially. If you want to join the company, keep in mind that you will have to use emotional blackmails on your friends and family. The company will give you a script to use to speak to people ... will encourage you to invite your friends and family to an introductory meeting (you don't have to say anything about what the meeting is about) where someone using Neuro-linguistic programming techniques will do the talking. Do you want to do that to your friends and family? ...

If you value your family and friends and want to help them, let them make an informed decision by presenting them the facts, the pro and the cons, the difficulty to start a business, the MLM business model etc. .... don't push them to make a decision based on what a stranger talking with a script with a lot of hype says because you don't help them that way, you help the company.



for this to be your husband you are calling him names saying he is gullible... maybe he was gullible and manipulated in marrying you.

Instead of fighting against the current maybe you should flow with and show him support. now if you husband plays the lotto and losses every time you would call him *** or wasting money now on the other hand if he hits for 100 million your gonna be on board....

with that being said don't wait until he makes millions to show your support.... nothing in life is perfect but if you never try you will never have more then what you have now.


My Mate, has changed. He now says the rest of us are dumb because we are not doing.

He now only has time for team members and family who are also getting brain washed.

But yet he's no better off financially. They just give titles.


"A fool and his money are soon parted"

"A sucker is born every minute"

These are the two founding principles behind the success of ACN. Everything else is a clever, 'legally' structured business model using even more clever word games. Ethical? Absolutely not. Do their tactics work and defy the consumer protection authorities? Yes. "You can't touch this".

Want a $500 dollar investment the touts the same dream but doesn't require you to swindle family, friends and gullible strangers, and actually funds community projects? Buy $500 worth of lottery tickets - about the same odds for success and a lot less work! And oh yeah, someone always wins too...who knows but next time it could be you. Ah financial freedom, here I come!


I'm losing a friend of over 25 years to this company... I've literally known her all my life and now it's like "WHO ARE YOU?" I want to tell her to stop calling and asking me to do things like chase down my friends and family to get her 'referrals' and she keeps asking and asking for me to come to one of the 'training sessions'.

She even tried to mask roping me into meeting people by saying she wanted to hang out! I was heartbroken.

I don't know how to tell her that I support her but I'm not interested because everyone else who has done that to her she's completely alienated and been straight-up rude to -- calling them "non-believers" like some cult-member. It makes me want to cry.

@Same Thing Happened

Same thing happened to us!!!


They might be considered 'legal' but that doesn't make them ethical.

This is a business that preys on the desperate. I pity those who get involved with this business - it is surely the best way to lose friends fast.


I was just shown the initial presentation by an agent in Northern California, who came at the request of a friend who was just signing up. Trump was on the video, of course.

The circles and lines were drawn on paper. The equations were shown to me. Two other young men were there to tell their stories. It was a formidable group of people that tried to get me to join their "team".

But, what they did not know is that I am highly resistant to persuasion, and I can always tell when someone is not being completely honest or forthcoming.

Such was the impression I received.

I did not commit, I did not sign, and, when the follow-up call comes in a couple of days, I will state that I am not interested. I imagine there will be pushback - I got that when I refused Amway, too - but one other trait of mine that ACN will quickly learn is that I am not one to be pressed overmuch without returning a vehement reply.


It's not as much brainwashing as it is what I call "wishful exuberance". That is defined as an over-optomistic level of excitement about things that will likely never happen.

Over a year ago I was told to "get excited about the ENERGY service" ACN would soon be offering. It's over a year later and it's STILL not offered in my state, or most states for that matter. But they STILL want you to be excited about it. ABout what?

NOTHING?! Just wishful exuberance.


"Thank you for this-I just lost a great friend to this BS company. It's like an alien invaded her body-the words that comes out of her mouth come from her upline.

She and her associates were instantly threatened & hostile when I asked logical questions since I have to check things out from all angles if I am to invest $499. I was declared the "rotten apple" & discarded. Non-believers apparently can't mingle with the ACN believers for fear of contamination or opening their eyes."

Well done to you for standing firm and refusing to let them take advantage of you. I'm very sorry you lost your friend, however.

It is unlikely she realised Neuro-Lingustic Programming was actually being used on her. She had no idea she'd walk out of the ACN meeting a different person than when she went in.


Joining a MLM is no different than opening any business, you get what you put into it and like any new business success is hard to get, Usually the people that fail at a business and MLM are just not cut out to own their own business for many reasons,, If you fail at selling tennis shoes, dont blame the shoes and then call the industry a scam


I love the line "if you cannot afford the 499 then maybe it's not for you" what a snobby guilt trip.

great post, OP. you can't reason with Scientology/ACN (Paying money for nothing)

pay us money, you aint gettin shee-it, but pay us money while we make you think you get money while you try recruiting people to our brainwashing. =] love you! until you say anything bad about ACN.

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