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My 20 yr old son was brainwashed into joining this company. Unfortunately he lost $500 in doing so. The rep that came to our house was a total LIAR!!

The video phone does NOT work with your cordless. Also you can't have any wall phones with this video phone. I currently have 6 other phones in my house that do not work. He failed to tell us that you can't use a fax machine either. So now our business has not been able to fax.

The phone was $285 not $175 as told, $38.62 per month,(higher than old company!!) $214 cancellation fee, (2 year contract we weren't told about). My number was changed without me knowing. I had to call old service back and pay $20 for phone number and $40.00 activation fee which took 3 weeks to do so. Now my son owes aver $1,000 for this MISTAKE.


Totally Pissed Consumer

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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Your son and you need to read the information given in the guidelines before you sign up for things. With all due respect most people DO NOT read those fine prints. All the companies are great companies, like ACN and FHTM but if you neglect to read information it will be dissasterious.


I agree with you. The energy market is very interesting. The fact that there is activity by other companies in this area is actually reassuring, because it shows that there is a market, and money to be made.

You don't need thousands of customers, you just need enough of them to get you a decent residual income.

Most people do walk away and it is a sad fact. The realtor profession and others have the same statistics. People can find a reason to quit at everything. If you talk to the successful, the only secret is to stay in the game and work consistently. Seek improvement and you will get better and better over time.

Building a customer base is not easy, but it is not impossible and very doable. Integrity and Work Ethic are the key!


problem with this whole thing is that the ACN reps are really preying on unsuspecting highly suseptable people who are probably in a situation where they need a second income to feed their families or are looking to start their own business. You are pushed to sign up on the spot and a large percentage that do, wind up on these message boards.

This all sounds doable until you start trying to either sell the products or recruit people. I went to one of those meetings. very slippery characters, if that doesn't jump out at you and the fact that they make it seem sooo easy, then you deserve what you get. There are so many red flags to the pitch its ridiculous.

They have answers for everything. I'm sure some people do well, but most walk away. Although, The Energy-play was very interesting, and had some real value, but again, there are many companies out there doing exactly the same thing.

Things that sound too good to be true, usually are. If it was sooo easy, everyone would be doing it and no one would be complaining...


ACN works if you learn how to make it work. Most people fail because of the lack the commitment to learn the system. Build it right, build with integrity. No hard pushing, no convincing is needed.

For a startup fee of $499, and 25 new customers you can make up to 10% of residual commissions per month (depending on service). I already have 8 of those services in my household.

The only other ingredient you really need to add is something called "work ethic".

The ACN system is not perfect, but if you put your mind to it and really do your true best you will see profits.

Regarding the videophone, like any product, its something that has its own target market segment. I have 10 videophone customers who are mostly grandparents who like seeing their grand kids grow up.

It does take time for the residual money to grow. It really is intended as something to develop on the side, while working your full time job. Imagine building a gumball machine business a few locations at a time. Over time the income becomes significant.

Every endeavor is both an art and a science. Learn to be great at what is involved and you will excel!


ACN is a great company. If you follow the proven plan you will suceed.

It takes time and you have to do a lot of sorting not selling.

Hang in there and you will reap the benefits. A happy consumer and Rep.


@Jenny...I went to one of these so called 'training sessions' near where I live in NH. Sign at the sign-in table read "reps $10.00, guests free". I sat through this GOD aweful chearleading session for 45 minutes. It WAS NOT training. Just a pep rally with a bunch of starched suits claiming to be reps making lots of cash but no proof. They tell you about Donald Trump endorsing ACN....Well the 'Donald' will endores a pile of camel dung if you paid him enough.

And my sponsor was flying to Vegas for another pep rally later the next week. Yup you are right when you say only $159.00 to get into the joke of a meeting but what about the flight and hotel. Are they FREE????

ACN is nothing but a SCAM. Stay away.


I just couldn't imagine allowing a 20 year old boy to faf around with my phone service, I think you deserved that one

Matt R

The Better Business Bureau has a different review on this company.

So does the

And look at their charity work

Maybe your son was at fault here.....or is he infallable?


Why are all the Pro ACN posts written in Broken 3rd world not-quite-English? Me doh noo.


talk bad to easy to do take the mcdonals frensh fry its pakd with holsome goodness ha right butt rveryone eat it


this is not a business this is a scam the reps should be arrested for scamming people it is a scam


if you work hard at all you do in life you well be a sukses if you sleep in or make exskuses well maybe not . I work it and have a residual of 135 a month not big butt it gets biger every month so thats 1620 a year so get to work. A.C.N TOM


There ae no meeting fees, except for a 3 day international meeting, (3days for 159.00) pretty cheap for 3 days of training. Cancellation fees, have you ever looked at your cell phone, yes there is cancellation fees, nothing new there.

If you are going to complain perhaps you should know what you are talking about.

I just purchased a video phone yest $179.00 and taxes, yes TAXES, I pay taxes on clothes, utilites, cable, cell phones, food, gas, etc., so yes it would cost more that $179.00 because Uncle Sam and the States what their share. Stop bad mouthing a company you know nothing about, at best second hand from a young man, who knows nothing about business, not his fault, He just needs to learn, perhaps he should go to college and take business classess.


3 days to hear people on how to succeed in sucking people into your bonus driven scheme? How do you sleep at night knowing you succeed with every ibo you bring in?


Hello Everyone and Wow! This is a heated room. I just want to say congrats to the people who started there Business MLM and figured out what it takes to make it work. Yes the business can be tough only because you have to deal with people who only sees life as working a J.O.B.

I would never get mad at people who loves J.O.B's. Its their life and right, so no one should rob them of it. I believe in life there's people that run things(entrepreneurs), and things that run people (employees).

As im reading there's a lady on here with a son who pursued business for a better lifestyle. He paid 500. ok thats not a lot of money starting a business and we all know that regardless of your knowlegde business and finance. I also am reading that people feel the scam part-ish comes in when they spent some more money on the business for what ever reason, marketing etc...

Quick question. How much does a mcdoanlds franchise cost to start?? Lets say after youve purchased the business, Will you have to spend anymore money on the business, lets use the word business expense??? is there a such thing as franchise fee?? If so How much???

If you couldnt answer ALL these questions without turning from this page for research, then there is way more to learn about business and finance. When ever you think of wealthy people the very first thing should come to your mind residual income. Thats why the 20 year old sign up because he understood having residual income positions him in better financial situations.

Again I can understand all walks of life. and I understand that it is human nature to bash and beat up things they have no understanding of. One of the best advise that was given to me was that if you wanna learn basketball then go get a basketball coach. If you wanna learn how to dance, then get a dance teacher. But if you want to learn how to be financially free then go learn from somebody who has it! Go learn learn from someone whos made that million thats a financial coach. And be willing to do what it takes because people will fake it. Act like they tried but havent tried. When your warm market gets exhausted then what did you do next...(see this part here is where everyone quits) The people who took the next step are the ones you see living good, driving good, and looking good.

I'll end it on lets all have respect for one another. To the mom with the son... I worked for AT&T and I want you to know that I've gotten complaints just like you've expressed. There's always situations. I had people call in HATING AT&T. Disconnecting and cancellations left and right. Then the next call they absolutly love AT&T never had an issue!!! Wierd phone calls huh. Where ever in the world there is a service/business there is always going to be Lovers&Haters. Point Blank!!!

If there's anyone who felt they exhausted there warm market and is looking to continue repaired my money and friendships.


The videophone and cordless works great together. Who thinks thats a lie


Marco is wrong. It's not just a matter of "working hard" and ACN will automatically pay off.

Even if you work hard, the odds are still stacked against you. And if you only put forth partial effort you are doomed to fail. I worked ACN hard for two months and never even got ONE customer besides myself, let alone any reps. Followed all my mentor's advice.

Went to the meetings. Stayed positive. Did it all. Found myself sitting in front of a meetup group one day that I had planned on pitching the business to.

Then I realized that I'd just be re-living all the pain and failure of what I just went through trying to recruit my friends and family. I couldn't do it. I sat there and talked to those guys all day and never mentioned ACN. That's what it does to you.

Makes you not even want to talk about it at a certain point. Because you know the look on people's face will change the moment you start talking about it. The eye-rolls will start, then the negative comments. Before long not one of them will respect you.

You'll be a joke. All because of ACN.


This biz isn't for sissies. There is no get rich quick scheme.

For those who go in and pay their $500 but don't want to do the work WILL fail. Those who apply themselves, like any "job", will succeed.


"My 20 yr old son was brainwashed into joining this company. Unfortunately he lost $500 in doing so."

Cheryl - This is one of the most contemptible aspects of ACN - they are quite happy to *** young people out of their money as well as anybody else. It's hard to explain how powerful the brainwashing is when you walk into that first ACN meeting not expecting it. I watched a whole room of people become convinced over the course of a couple hours that if they *lost* hundreds of dollars that night they were on their first step to becoming millionaires. As poster #4 says, dreams of retiring in a few years are dropped into the recruits' heads.

I hope your son is able to cut his losses as soon as possible.


Davis, I know you are mad because you are in ACN, it's not making you any money, and you realized that sites like this are spoiling it for all the people you are trying to scam into signing up. You have shown your character by belittling victims of this scam, which is representational of ACN as a whole.

See you back here in a year once you quit ACN and join the side of Good. You'll be cursing them just like all of the rest of us, just give it time lad.

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