Eugene, Oregon

If any one has ever escaped from acn, please help. I thought I was doing something great for my family when I signed them up and spent 499 for the 8 of them.

I cant talk directly to anyone at acn about the problems I am encountering. And the rep who signed us up has basically disappeared. We are paying for services and equipment we don't have. They give us acn phone numbers that we cant use, for example: 2 options to choose from and neither one addresses our needs I set up 8 debit cards with 900 in them to pay for services, they took the payments,draining the cards and then doubled billed everyone.

They got paid double by a few of the kids but, still cut off services. They threatened to have our drivers license revoked if we don't pay.

My husband paid to cancel a contract, after they drained his debit card while he was double paying, but he is still being harassed for payment. They drained the debit card I got for my mom and somehow when she signing up they got her bank info and have been taking money from there also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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Hey ACN "rep", how about instead of scouring the internet trying to save your image as an "exceptional customer service" business you grow some ethic and SOLVE YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYEES PROBLEMS. You MLMs make me sick and should be outlawed.


ACN will lie to get you into services, then they will double bill you, then they won't refund you, then they will threaten you, then you will not be able to do anything about it. That's called a SCAM!


ACN always strives to deliver exceptional customer service. Please give us a call at 1-877-228-3798 so that we may work to resolve your billing and equipment concerns.

When you call, please be sure to reference case number 8215338.

Our Customer Service agents are waiting for your call. We apologize for your experience and will work to resolve this matter to your satisfaction.

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