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When I first met w than RD Chris I was so impressed by the way he carried himself , how he spoke as well as how he dressed!!! The one trait that stood out about him was how passionate he is about serving others and making a difference in people’s lives.

He told me he would fight harder for my family’s financial future than anyone I know ... well he did he changed my life and my family’s future by bringing me home to my family.

I have been in business w him for over a year and not only did he do my meetings he personally recruited partners for me and built me an empire! I just want to say if your business didn’t work it had nothing to do w Mr Steinbrunn he goes the extra mile !

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Chris steinbrunn is an inspiration!!! He is so refreshing cause he knows how to be himself !!!

He is a heart larger than anyone I have ever met!!

Man can he build you an organization. While people are doing the minium he is always driving in the extra mile lane going above and beyond changing lives.

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