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I’ve been to a few home meetings and the bigger presentations they call ‘training’… They show you some big monthly incomes that you can “be in a position to earn”. I asked some people at these meetings that were in those positions if they really did earn that much, and the embarrassed look on their face said it all!!

Some admitted they may have actually hit that number now and then, but most of the time they did not. We all can be in a position to win the lottery, for a lot less than 499+++. We can also be in a position to win a bet on just about anything in Las Vegas – again, for a lot less. None of these bets, or a $499 investment will result in a “permanent” residual.

If someone at this company tells you it will, ask them to put it in writing – and have it notarized… They won’t do it - but they may offer you more unsubstantiated hot air!. Why? Because it will never happen. Your residual lasts as long as your customer contract with a third party, or, as long as the customer keeps their account.

With ACN service, their Comp Plan is clear that they reserve the right to amend it – without telling you – which means they can cut your residual off any time they want – for any reason! Don’t take my word for it – read the plan like their legal staff recommends!!! That was the good news. The bad news is that so many people in this company – all the way up to the top publicly (social media, conference calls…) tag people that decide this is not their cup of tea as “losers, quitters, lazy… etc.

Yes, the same people they personally recruit and accept $499 from – with a smile – they stab in the back if they leave. This company makes it crystal clear in their own documents that IBOs are not employees – and yet – they insist upon employee type loyalty and behavior. Their agreement is so one-sided it is painful to read !!!

Bottom line, you can talk about ‘integrity’ all you want, but what kind of business recruits people, takes money from them, and then throws them under the bus afterwards???

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Ok, so you heard the pitch that you can help people realize their dreams. Now what ?Well, you need to see if that really happens, right?

Go to one of their big events, like the one they just had in San Jose, and find people that have been in this company a few years or more.

Ask them if they still have a job to pay their bills. If they say yes, ask them what dreams they have realized by being in this company.


After a friend kept inviting me to "see the business" she's in, I went to a local meeting that some called "millionaire training"! Earlier on, I had read this post, and didn't want to go, but I decided to check it out anyway.

They really haven't changed as far as making money goes... I asked some people the same questions the poster did, but no one I spoke to was making anywhere near a million, and most kept their jobs to be able to pay their bills and taxes.

Anyway, even thought the people there seemed to be really supportive of each other, I left with the sense this is a business that does not deliver a better income than a job, for most people, and you have no benefits - which I need! No offense to anyone, just being real...


By far the best message on this entire board. Not only are your literate, you have well-founded points that discredit ACN.

I was just approached by someone through FB to become a customer (not an IBO).

But given what I've read so far, I would rather spend the same or more with a reputable company that treats people with respect, compassion and kindness. ACN certainly doesn't seem to have the moral fortitude to do any of that.

Thanks for your insightful post!


I have been in this company for 3 months now and my residual is enough to offset my bills and I was actually able to quit my job and spend time with my family. Best choice I have ever made in my life.

You get out of it as much as you put in. I put in 499 and got back 2 grand a month so far.


You quit your job once you started making two grand a month? I bet Burger King misses you!!!


Great for you - since the comp plan does not pay residuals until after three months, you must be excellent at convincing people who trust you, that this is really a "life changing opportunity", and getting them to fork over $499 as well !!! Did you tell them that most reps never make a profit, after the initial $499, AND, all the other fees/ events : YBA, quarterly - monthly - weekly "training", etc that they will be pounded on to attend, and pay for??




Wow.. This review is on point! Very one sided.

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