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Here's another aspect of ACN they never talk about. ACN, like most companies, reserves the right to change their Compensation Plan? That's not unusual... But, what is unusual, is the way they have added a footnote recently to their Comp Plan, that says they can change it WITHOUT NOTICE ! Yes, that's right, what you think you will get paid for the work you do, can change, without ACN telling you! That's EXACTLY what that footnote means!

OK - so all of you know ACN leaders are not shy about claiming credit and receiving praise for all they do for their Reps, so I think we know the changes to the Comp Plan they wouldn't tell us about are not changes that put more money in our pocket! So, that leaves the changes that TAKE MONEY OUT OF OUR POCKETS as the changes they would not be excited to tell us about. Make sense??!!

So, how, many of you Reps know how much money you are losing from a change to the Comp Plan that was supposed to take effect in July 2014? The Comp Plan actually was changed, as leadership announced it would be - but - the calculations on your residuals were not changed. So, how many of you are getting less than the published Comp Plan says you should get - and, how many of you got this news already, straight-up from your "up-line"... And, by the way, who do you think gets the money you are now losing???

ACN Cons: Miss leading examples of income.

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I would think everyone in this company would be checking there payouts, to see if they got short-changed - I would! And then what?

How do you get that money you should have got in the first place?

Sorry - not my cup of tea - I want a position where I know what I am getting paid, and my employer trusts me enough to tell me how much that is.... Good luck to the rest of you!


3% of the population own businesses and 97% of the people are employees!

Did you know that the 3% that own their own businesses make more money than the entire 97% together!

Good luck with your job and it's the 97% of the people that were brainwashed not the entrepeneurs!

Residual income is the best and once you have tasted it you won't go back to exchange time for money!


97% are brainwashed - maybe...! Of that 97%, a lot of them get a paycheck, and paid health benefits, and maybe a retirement plan - and can pay their bills.

Of that same 97% there is a HUGE NUMBER of Reps that earn little to nothing, with no benefits of any kind. They do have lot's of time - to your point - except it is not in the evenings or on the weekends - the prime time for your meetings, but unfortunately also the prime time to spend with family.

So during the day, there is time, but no one to do anything with, and, no money to do anything with it! If you don't believe me, ask your Rep friends what their Net income is from this "life-changing" opportunity!


I like your point, but their are a couple of corrections, if I understand the point and counterpoint correctly: the Huge number of Reps that don't make meaningful money would be in the 3% of business owners - not the 97% that have jobs (which is not to say business owners are immune to brainwashing!!!). A lot of businesses fail and leave owners in debt - you have some in ACN that have had to walk away from debts, homes, etc - leaving taxpayers with jobs to pick up their tab.

And finally, I would love to see your proof on how many ACN Reps actually make more money than people that have jobs. Show us the proof, the rest is just hot air and we can all see that...


Talk about brainwashed - why would an intelligent person agree to work for a company that puts in writing the fact they can change what you get paid without telling you...???!!!! And just as importantly, why would a company with any integrity even suggest such a thing???!!! I can just picture Donald Trump agreeing to an arrangement like that - NOT !!!!!


On the videos I get sent, and at the national meeting I went to as a guest of my friend, the head guys keep talking about how important integrity is for them, and that everyone has to make sure they are ethical and up-front in their business dealings. And now I hear this - that they decided to change how they pay people - without telling them? There really is no excuse for people that talk about integrity so much to do something like this!

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