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Agent came to my business to try to let me switch phone line with acn and then I found out it is 3 years contract and if I cancel have to pay 300.00 dollars fee sor cancellation and the cancellation after 3 days I sign with acn I want to complaine about the trick they did on me to sign with them plus they have Avery bad customer service and please let me know how I can cancel with them without fee to pay for cancellation and contact my vontact number 7149973228 I try to call customer service no

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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You can't.. you signed a contract and whatever the sales person may have said to you, unless it's in writing on that contract won't stand-up in court.

Your screwed!

Best way to recover is to forfeit the $300, cancel, and get your phone service back.

You could be loosing customers every day or failing to impress potential customers but it's like cancer to your business and the longer you let it go the worse the tumor gets until it's unrecoverable.

You did the right thing by posting here to inform others of your mistake which hopefully will enlighten others but at a sacrifice to yourself.


In the future for anyone else considering changing phone services here's a few tips. NEVER give any company other than your phone provider control of your phone number. Instead, get the prospective phone service provider to give you a new number. Then have your existing phone service provider forward all incoming calls to that number.

After a trial period if the new provider's service is as least as good as your previous service and you are saving money, switch the phone number. If they are not, simply cancel it with no ill effects. Do not give ANY company control of your phone number until they have proven themselves. Would you allow someone else to control all your incoming mail?

-------------- Sorry to hear you had to learn the hard way! and always remember that - ACN stands for - All your Cash Now - A Credibility Nightmare

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