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Considering joning ACN of any other MLM – do yourself a HUGE FAVOUR first – research, research, research.

Here is some "˜neutral and non-opinionated' information for your instruction and enlightenment – it comes from the "approved" weblinks on Wikepedia ACN Inc.

Quote: "the company is a member of the Direct Selling Associations in North America [6][7] and Europe."[8]

Here is the DSA site – I had no luck finding their name on the membership list, perhaps someone else can try?

Although it may be more to their advantange if they are NOT found on the membership list. Read on.

Who or what is DSA?

Quote: Founded in Binghamton, New York in 1910, the association was originally called the Agents Credit Association. It became the Direct Selling Association in 1968. As of 1970, less than 5% of the DSA's members were multi-level marketing companies. *** By 2009-2011, the DSA's membership had grown to include nearly 200 companies, more than 90% of which were multi-level marketing companies. ***

Quote: The DSA belongs to the National Retail Federation and its member companies pledge to abide by the DSA code of ethics. (Sounds nice, my comment).

Quote: The DSA serves as a public relations and lobbying group acting on behalf of its member companies.[1][4] *** The DSA played a role in petitioning the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to exempt multi-level marketing companies from consumer protection regulations outlined in the FTC's 2006 proposed Business Opportunity Rule. *** The DSA also funds political candidates through its political action committee.[2]

Did you catch that since 2009 the DSA has essentially been taken over by MLMs (90% of membership) and as a direct consequence was able to play a role in petitioning the Federal Trade Commission to EXEMPT – I repeat EXEMPT - companies like ACN from consumer protection regulations? People. It's open hunting season on consumers. DSA is the influence peddling business promoting the interests of MLMs at the expense of consumers. And they have the money and clout to do it. They have done it.

Let's give ACN and DSA the benefit of the doubt: this info is provided in the DSA brochure – the *** and CAPS are mine for emphasis: />

Multilevel Marketing

NOT a Pyramid Scheme

In legitimate multilevel marketing plans (MLMs), sales people earn commissions from selling real products or services to consumers, both the sales they make as well as sales by those they recruit. *** But in pyramid schemes disguised as MLMs, *** any money earned comes from the membership fees of new recruits. *** Some pyramid schemes offer "sham" products *** READ VIDEOPHONE PROMOTED BY DONNY T ON THE APPRENTICE *** "” useless items that ***little or no effort*** is made to sell to actual consumers. *** Instead, new participants are often encouraged to buy the products themselves, and the money is used to "pay off " *** READ GIVE BONUSES TO *** those at the top of the pyramid.

Is ACN a pyramid scheme? You decide. I repeat, do yourself a "˜huge favour' – take the time to do your own research before you decide to join ANY MLM . There are the good (some, very few, probably debatable), the bad (lots) and the just plain ugly. Don't be suaded just by what I say, or far less by what any MLM agent says, or far far less by what any celebrity says – who made Donny T. the paragon of virtue and integrity? "Money, money, money, money, money that's my honey." Just be sure no one is dipping their grubby fingers in your honey pot!

Good luck to everyone in their search for success and prosperity. I truly wish it for you all.

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This is a big thing in Victoria in the recent years. One member claims "all military wives are *** for not wanting to make more $$ and be independent from their spouses" that member uses any angle to gaining new recruits from "can I borrow your blender?" to "my child is bored and needs a friend, can they have a play date?" And then takes those times to attempt to sell herself .......for someone that claims to make $4000/month in just one home business plus all the free services and extra income from multiple sketchy buisnesses, why would this person need to borrow a blender?


I actually attended one of these meetings today. I was torn because it clearly is a pyramid based operation.

The word "scheme" does carry a negative connotation but the system is pyramid based relying more on the recruitment of other salespeople than customer generation itself. Realizing this I decided to do some research before making ANY decision and the article above is correct, research IS neccesary for this or any other business idea. Unfortunately I came across far more complaints than praises.

It does seem that what is being offered is not at a discounted rate as promoted and would create more of a headache than its woth for the customer. I personally am leaning away from it but I just wanted to support the idea of RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH because only through that can you make an EDUCATED decision about the (or any) company.


Just a couple of question please.

1) Why would ACN or MLMs need exemptions for a regulation designed to provide protection for consumers;

2) Does anyone have the name of the Case where the a court of law has ruled ACN not a pyramid scheme;

3) Should there be more focus on quality control for complications by peoples lack of understanding to better relationships between customers and members of ACN rather than allowing the continuation of a known complication that is ultimately a growing and problematic issue;


Hawaiian Kanaka

@***sidering membership

ACN has a legal department that is headed by the old Attorney General of Kansas. Great guy and really knows his stuff.


People want to whine and cry about how ACN didn't work for them. Well my question would be how hard did you work the business before you threw in the towel.

No one in ACN would be truthful if they said this wasn't work. Everyone knows that the concept is simple but success is difficult. ACN members work for their income no different than the guy pulling the 9-5. Whatever you get out of this business, just like anything in life, you're going to have to earn.

Period. If you don't want to put in the effort then you'll fail, and you'll join the quitters club online and blog and post about how ACN did you wrong.

If 100 people sign up to join the gym on New Year's Day and 6 months later only one person is in shape does that mean the gym is a scam? NO! It's because those 99 people lost sight of what they wanted to accomplish and didn't have the commitment and work ethic needed to see it through.

It's not the gym's fault. It's not ACN's fault.

It's your fault. Go back to your 9-5 and be an employee.


I like your post. i have jioned and have put little effort into the concept.

but i still like the componey. i have made back my five hundred dollors just in the saving in my own home in one year. i also like how they set up everything. just the web page alone is worth something.

but what some people think is every one they talk to will instantly sign up. and they get discuraged when you actually have to work for your money. now my freind who joined within a month of me has now started making enuff money working on ACN part time that he is going to leave his job soon and go full time.But here is what he did, he looked at this as a retirement plan. a residual income for later in life, he did not look at it as winning the lotter.

my personal belief is it will become what you put into it. and i hope to start putting more time into the concept to grow my income also.


Another ACN Troll


Your post is opinionated and is not neutral. Although you have attempted to be informative, you have jumped to conclusions which are incorrect.

ACN is a member of the DSA and abides by the code of ethics.

Legitimate MLM companies are protected and are not to be judged as illegal pyramid schemes because they are not!

It has nothing to do with "people it's hunting season on consumers!"

Some people have got it confused with ACN bonuses. All bonuses are triggered by Customer Aquisition,, they are not a right, they are a reward. When challenged by others that don't understand it, the court of law has ruled clearly that ACN is not a pyramid scheme.

Labelling a videophone a sham is ludicrous, should I ever bother to respond...

It's a simple business, complicated by people's lack of understanding.


Don't care how you dress it is still a pig


Regarding the "pig" comment above ... lol

Tell me, don't you like bacon?

Not all, but most people do. Why hate on something most people partake in?

If you don't like bacon, don't eat it. But don't give bacon a bad name just because you don't like it.

Thank you :) :zzz


Just look at the grammar and spelling of a lot of IBO's. Tells you who they are targeting.

Then they come on here & lie about how much they have made or their friend made doing this. It's probably what their mentors tell them to do, but it just shows me that they are targeting desparate, uninformed people. I know someone that joined this & ended up losing friends/family over it. You know, cause they wouldn't do the IBO a favor?

Did not know that they were exempt from consumer protection regulations.

Something I'm going to read more about.

You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.


@Lol - Personally I have no problems with bacon. But if the bacon happens to be spoiled in this case with green mold and maggots and if you see everyone reeling and staggering around you from the effects of the bacon ...

I'd want someone to warn me from drinking the kook-aid - er ...

eating the spoiled bacon. Wouldn't you?


For someone who is working so hard to make so much $$, you seem to find an awful lot of time to troll people that complain about you and the business


What's funny is one person in the "business" still needs to run a legit home business because it is at least steady income, and then has had to sell multiple luxury items in order to to home repairs.

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