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Folks. I am considering the purchase of a ACN Video phone. I am taking note of the problems people have with the company - not a good sign. I do have a question and the answer will weigh heavily on if I elect to buy the video phone - and put up with the problems everyone else is having:

Is it possible to capture the video and audio of the phone call. Context of my question - I want to buy two phones - one for me (the grandpa) and one for my 1 1/2 year old granddaugter. Like the iphone can capture 30 second video clips then send them via email, is there a way to capture the conversaton (and video) - via the ACN phone - onto my computer so I will have it for as long as I want??

Thanks for any feedback.


Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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this thing is so cool. So what if it glitshes every ones in a whill you get to see familly in real time that is so *** cool you well love it ----GO 4 IT----- i love it 3 or 4 times a week


The fact that the videophone requires high speed internet means one thing: if you don't have high speed, you have yet ANOTHER monthly bill to pay. The video phone is such a rip off as is.

Don't pay for extra internet speed just to use it! Such a ripoff this company ACN is.


your video reception is based on high speed internet if you have a lower speed you will have poor quality picture/video

if you just read the info and talk to the rep that introduced you to the phone they can help also there is a 1800 number for customer support


I am not sure about recording. You can call ACN customer service to find it out.

But what possible, is that every time when you are not home, instead of voice mail messages you will have video messages. so, based on that, there might be an option to do that. Plus it is not that relevant.

Video phone deliver video to you, so you can record it by different means, like video camera. I can find it out for you, if you want.


You cannot capture the video because the phone system works so poorly that you may not actually be able to use it,


No you cannot.

Of course with a computer you can.

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