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Back I February a friend told me about ACN. I spoke with his representative over the phone. In the excitement I stupidly gave him my infor, BUT I told him to not charge my account of do anything untill I got the hard copy of the contract so I could read it. About a month and a half later I check my account to see that there was a $500 charge. The representative had told me he had an event going on in a town that is 3hrs away. He said he would visit me, he never showed. I was having a lot of personal issues that I had to take care of because of being away from home for so long that I put ACN at the back of my mind. Mind you this all took place around February 2012, when I was out of town on work for 4 months late December 2011 to May 2012.

About a month ago I brought up the issue with the same representative, he told me a bunch of lies. He said at fist that he had my contract with my signature on file and he would send me a copy. I never received the copy. Couple weeks later I asked him again and he said since I was joined ACN over a year ago, I would not be in the system. I reminded him that he was the one who signed the "online" contract on feb of 2012. Now I know it was very *** of me to give him my info, but I know for a fact I did not authorize them to charge my account.

In the end it's my guess it'll be my word against his, and that never turns out good. Any advice on what my next step should be would be highly appreciated!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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A very typical ACN scam. The same thing happens over and over.

San Diego Dynasty Group common practice. They give the company a bad name and makes everything look like a pyramid scam!


I cant believe all the acn sheep that come on these site to defend this ***.Here is the truth about acn.They are a pyramid scheme that mascarades as a legit company.It is all a bunch of B.S.I was unfortunate enough to get sucked in by a couple who I just met because they seemed very honest,NOT!They are not about the products they sell and give their reps no training.They teach you to lie and decieve everyone you know into comimg to these brainwashing pyramid meetings.They charge you not only 499 but humerous other bogus fees.Their is a 40 dollar charge per month to maintain your online store.They also charge 80 per month for the nausiating meetings.The "events"are 150.These B.S.sessions are all over the country so you pay for travel and hotel.They are a *** cult,stay away from thes idiots!


You need to do some better homework than that. MLM is not a ponzi scheme and if you did talk to someone, all they could reply to you about is the information you gave to them. Your post sounds very fishy


I actually called and talked with my state's Assistant Attorney General for Consumer Rights today and they said ACN operation is illegal in our state so before you start selling anything with a company like ACN you should start by calling the Attorney General's office in your state to ensure they meet the state's rules.


ACN is a real scam, and so is the $160 checks I receive every month!


Tristen, You should have signed yourself up. Your friend/associate could find themselves in deep trouble if they have used your details and signed you up.

I would ring ACN to report this. All your friend did was cost you $500 if you weren't going to participate in the business.

It is no use to anyone to do this kind of thing. To the loser that called ACN a Ponzi Scheme, you have no credibility and obviously have no clue what you are talking about!


Did you contact them? What was the outcome?


I'm still trying to figure out the best course of action. Trying to contact ACN has been a pain in the rear!!

I'm getting sick of it. Should I let it go and accept my losses or fight for it?


Acn is a scam. I hope you let everyone that you speak to know how you were scammed and by who so that no others will be scammed by this PONZI SCHEME company.

Repackaged services should have been your first clue you were being scammed.

People do your research before signing anything. Report to your attorney general, also the ftc.gov Acn CAN NOT DO BUSINESS IS LOTS OF STATES BECAUSE IT IS A PONZI SCHEME


I'd like a list of these states then, because my childhood friend's $5,000 + check sure didn't look fake to me.


Tristen, ACN takes this matter very seriously and would like to resolve the issue. Please call our compliance department toll free at 800-599-9559. Thank you,

ACN Compliance


For title I meant "contract fraud"

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