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i became a ACN customer and member on friends request the firts lie was its absolutely free and dont have to spend single penny then ACN reps asks for 400 Pounds registration then ACN reps automatically without telling subscribe you to product like digital phone service and health care Benevita milk shake and says we will do the online requirement for for you this is important to make points at ACN then because you already registered with ACN they have your card details and start ordering without your concern and you get paying a heavyset of amountveach month the Reps dont even bother to help you out when you try to contact them because they are already commissioned by ACN by giving them new customer.

Reason of review: Deceitfulness.

Monetary Loss: $240.

ACN Cons: Acn reps deceit people and make them fall in their candy talk.

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This is absolutely not true, reps cannot use your card details to buy or set you up with any goods, this is your own decision to do so. Also you must have had some scammers that used you at the time. We are not all the same and when you see big names like Peter Lamas, Richard Branson and BT or even Donald Trump himself putting their name and trust on ACN you have to this really a scam!?!

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