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I signed as a representative with the promise I would sell Virgin Media Bundles, Gas & Eletricity and other products with a discount. It turned to be a lie the discounts don't exist. When I asked an ACN representative over a online chat the question:

"What would be an incentive for a new customer to deal with two companies instead of one direct?"

the answer I got was "you can convince your friends to place the order via ACN because you will be compensated for the order."

Now you know the new sales technique: Buy with me because it is good for me. There is nothing for you only for me. It has to be a bad joke!!!!

I paid £390 ($655 at $1.68 on 11/06) based on false information. I really would like my money back!! It is not what was promised! We are only helping Sir Allan Sugar and Donald Trump to be richer.

DO NOT JOIN ACN. It is a deception!!

Monetary Loss: $655.

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it's not a scam IF you find enough suckers who believe they can make money by finding companies who WILL give you cheaper gas, electric and phone service. The scam is you can do it YOURSELF without paying a pyramid scheme company.

They make money by getting people to sign up for 500 bucks a pop. Multiply that and the eventual road trips to big parties where more money is made by those atop the food chain.

Bottom line. Those who got into the pyramid early and are sleazy enough to prey on people who will then prey on their family and friends - make the most money.

It's like every other pyramid.

Get friends to buy in. They get family and friends to buy in and now, too many people are involved where it's harder to find suckers to buy in.

@the truth

RUN if they boast about how they're an expert on getting people to sign up.


How is it a scam exactly?

@ACN Rep

Seriously????? Have the decency to keep quite!


I am in the same boat. It is a scam. Complain to

They authorities will not do anything until someone complains.

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