Hamilton, Ontario

I use to be a customer with ACN local and long distance phone service

I cancelled my service in August then they continued to send me a bill for services I didn't have

I tried numerous times to contact them, only to get no help, no service and Rude Customer serive people

Why would I pay a bill for a service I no longer had

They continued to send me bills

I tried contacting them

I finally wrote them a letter and I got no response

The only response I got was call this number

I called and they sent me to a US customer service which couldn't help and sent me back to Canada

I get a demand letter demanding payment or they would send it to collections

This whole company is a joke

Do not deal with them, you will regret this choice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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Acn is a joke. I signe to used their telephone services and I called after a week or so because it was ***.

An have been sending me breaking out fee letters/ invoices --- £150! Is dat a joke or what. The rep who sold me the product told me I can cancel anytime without any charges.

I have called their service centre and spoken to various people and they keep saying because I signed the form, i I am tied into a contract and must pay the breaking out fee.

Am sorry can, u ain't getting a dime from me.

You Are a RIP OFF.


You can't email ACN either. If you try, it will bounce back, BUT they CAN email YOU!

I had been billed for one month's telephone service AFTER I cancelled.

When you speak with their service reps, you get a different story from each one.

The best thing to do is to write them a registered letter, but prior to that, write the names & employee numbers of those you spoke with, & quote the information they gave you in that letter. Take things a step further..put a stop on your credit cards.

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