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It all sounds good as long as you kiss *** to the uplines, move all of your services, and pretty much ruin all the friendships you have because they are the "naysayers". When you see how much you actually spend for the digital phone and service, you will want to switch back to your old carrier.

When you do, if it is before two years, they will nail you for early termination. Unfortunately, I got hit twice with that, one for a video phone that I never even took out of the box. I called to disconect the service due to hard times, and they don't care. Also, the number that I switched over would not be released to me.

As far as the business end, my "upline" never told me I was just 1 point shy of getting a residual check. In over a year, i never got one penny back!

My "upline got my residual! Stay away from ACN!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $309.

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It needs to be restated that not everyone is going to be successful. Just because you sign up to be an ACN representative doesn’t mean that you will become rich or even make any money at all. This is basically a commission job, like any job where one is paid on what they bring to the table. If you get a job selling copy machines and never make a sale, would you complain that ACME COPIERS didn’t pay you for your time? No, of course not. There is a clear pay structure that each representative can see prior to signing up with ACN.

In all honesty, many people do not succeed with ACN. That being said, many people become very successful. I am sorry that your friends did not succeed, but that does not mean everyone fails. I have been very successful. I am a Circle of Champions member for the company, which means I am one of the top income earners. I worked my way up; I am not a founder of the company. I am not an “insider.” There is no conspiracy.

To ACN LIES: If your friends are trying to market ACN using these highly unauthorized techniques, it is no wonder they have not been thriving. ACN does not support that behavior, and as long as they are “hounding” people (as you describe it), they will remain unsuccessful. They are not learning these methods from ACN, I can promise you. If I knew that representatives on my team were doing these things, I would quickly put a stop to it.

To JASON: I am glad that you have done your homework and made a decision. ACN is not for everyone. As I stated before, most people do not succeed. That is how Network Marketing works. It is important to understand that some people DO succeed, and I am one of those people. I am not trying to encourage you to join ACN, but please don’t presume that because it wasn’t right for you and your friends that it is not a legitimate enterprise. I have worked hard and been rewarded. I have a very happy team of representatives working with me. My customers are happy and continue to do business with me. I hope that you enjoy what you decide to do and make a lot of money. Good luck with your endeavors.


I agree! ACN is only a business opportunity for those at the top of the company!

I have been hounded for 6 months straight! They do NOT take no for an answer! Its ***

Bottom line, if its such a great company then why hound your friends and families? If they say no, then ACN should be training people to accept that answer and move on. But instead they teach them that your friends/family that don't support you are "dream stealers" What kind of *** is that?

Your friends may have different religious beliefs, political beliefs etc... same thing with this... our friends are our friends because we love each other. A business "opportunity" should NEVER be a reason to end a friendship!! EVER! And if ACN endorses this kind of behavior its not business i want to be part of!



I have sat on the side lines and watched friend after friend after friend go down with the sinking ship called ACN. Any of you on here that are defending ACN are either higher up (RVP or SVP) or you are brand new ACN reps and haven't had the chance to see how badly you are being brainwashed as well as ruining relationships with your friends and family.

The success rate for the average rep is small indeed. 7 of my friends joined ACN, only one got the points/services needed to get back the 499.00 they paid. They all worked their butts off!!

I have one friend who is still has the ACN but and although she is making NO money, she will defend ACN like its a religion. She to will eventually fall down the same dark hole my other friends did. ACN is a valid business because they have done their homework. The guys on top are making all the money, have hired lawyers to protect them and have covered their bases. I have gone to PBRS, BOMS, Leadership trainings and one International training. All w/out ever signing up. Thank goodness i instead took the time to find out what this company is all about. Feeding off the desperate and fishing for people who need to get out of bad situations. I highly recommend that you do NOT get into ACN if you are thinking about it. If anything spend the money to go to an International convention but make sure you have your protective goggles on. The conventions are created to raw raw raw ACN but don't actually provide any training. Two days worth of hearing BS stories and fake tears. Please do your homework before spending your money and most importantly your time! I am so glad i made my final decision and will never sign up for this company!


Shirley, ACN is really a "warm marketing" business in which independent representatives can market services to their family, friends, acquaintances and business contacts that they already know. ACN certainly does not encourage anyone harassing friends and family.

Most successful representatives with the company train others not to “sell” the services, but to just sort through prospective customers. If it is a "no" then they should move on and not take it personally or try to convince someone into something they do not want and jeopardize their relationship. It sounds like your relative has taken it too personally and should remember that it is a business and they have a service to offer. If a waiter at a restaurant offers you dessert and you say no, they would not try to force you to eat dessert, then get mad and refuse to speak to you.

That would be ridiculous. Your relative should simply find contacts who would like to try any of the large portfolio of home services that ACN has available for them to market to their potential customers. You took a look at the business opportunity and the services and made a decision that is best for you, and that is all anyone could ask for.

That is how the process works. We wish your relative the best in building their business.


I just found this link trying to find information about how ACN trains their people. A relative of mine has been hounding us for over a year.

First to listen to the marketing plan (listened and no interest in products or the pyramid type plan)and then to sign up for services. We thought we'd use the services until we did research and our local phone/TV/internet provider is much better both in quality and price.

We plan to get ADT through her but now we are disowned and she basically tells us how saddened she is that we aren't supporting her and basically it's our obligation because of all she has done for us. I am in a direct selling business with Mary Kay and we don't harass our friends and family like this and I wonder what is taught at the meetings they attend all over the country?


Mike, I am really sorry that you had such a negative experience. Honestly, if I knew more about you I would invite you to one of my meetings so that you could see how a successful and legitimate ACN team gets down to business.

I hope that you will not let your poor introduction to ACN sour your opinion on the company. It is a shame that you did not hear about the products and services, as ACN is very proud of them. The company built their own digital phone service network across 3 continents and provides other services through elite and reputable partners such as Verizon, AT&T, ADT, DISH Network, DIRECTV, TELUS, Planet Energy and others.

Information about our products is easily accessible and it is too bad the presenters at your meeting did not talk about them. Also, it is completely false that a representative would ever pay for services from a cancelled customer.


I had some work done for me recently and the person performing this work asked me if I was "interested in making money'? I said "are you kidding??? Who isn't"? I asked what it involved and he side stepped the question and said "its a whole new technology" and invited me to his house about a week later for me to see what he was so excited about.

Well, when I get there I see 8 other folks whom I didn't know sitting there. He then introduces these 2 "reps" who then go into this 45 presentation about ACN. I thought to myself, '***' this is an MLM scheme. They want you to "hook" your family and friends into changing their current services to ACN. They go on with their BS on how much money you can make yada yada.....

Well they never explain any of the services they provide and the biggest thing they pushed was this video phone [which was never connected or working]. After this BS they are quick to hand you an application to become an IR [independent rep] for a $499.00 fee. Well I politely declined and said I wanted to know a bit more and I would let my "sponsor" [the person who set up this scam meeting] that I would let him know.

Well months went by and I get a call from this dude wanting me to go to this training session on Saturday. I thought what the *** maybe they will explain more at this training.

Training,my ***.......It was a frikkin Pep Rally with about 100 people in the room. It went on for 2 1/2 HOURS******* Same thing....no explanation of services, no training AT ALL..PERIOD JUST MORE BS. Then to my non-surprise, You guessed it, another application to become an IR. NO THANK YOU. I did find out that if you did bring in folks that switched their services thru ACN. YOU as the rep are responsible if they don't pay their bills...DON'T DO IT!!!!!


Seriously?? Its silly to blame ur upline for your inability to read the compensation plan and how it works.

Sounds like u were in need of a lot more sat trainings!

Stop having that pitty party and accept responsibility for YOUR business. :grin


you sound like the type of person who blames everyone for your short comings. try getting a life and taking some responsibility


Let me get this straight...You were 1 point away from getting a residual check and you never looked into the literature to see? Why is that ACN's fault?

I'm looking into doing ACN, not a representative.

Be responsible for your own actions.

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