Hi all,

I am writing this to inform all you so you do not get into it. EITHER TRUST ME OR JOIN, WASTE TIME AND MONEY and higher possibility loosing your frnds and family members. I am talking from my experience.please see below:

Note - whatever ACN reps mention in meetings ask them if they can do in writing.

Members- you have to call your frnds, family to attend the event and ask them to join or get their phone bills to get qualified. then you have to deal with your frnds& family when their bills are way higher.you will also find complaints on BBB.

Phone Pricing -- They can not even beat pricing for phone services. Phone service 24.99 but it will never be 24.99 there are many other hidden charges. they can not even beat vonage pricing.

Electric& Gas bill - They might be able to lower your first bill but after first month your unit price will be higher than other companies. if you ask them then they all *** about fluctuation in pricing. if you lock the pricing you can not break the contract without paying around $180. Extra Expense --They keep forcing you not to give up and force you to attend the national events where you have to pay money for the rooms, food,event ticket which is usually $160. In the event you dont learn anything besides hearing stories of other people.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I don't understand all the negative complaints. I've done quite well with ACN.

The main goal is to get customers for essential services and constantly bring others into the business to do the same. There are small bonuses for signing up others once they get their points so how is this a scam?

You need to look at the big picture.


That's great that you are doing well (whatever that is..), but the fact is, most don't do well - or even break even after expenses - and that is exactly why ACN will NEVER publish the MEDIAN earnings. Don't take my word for it either - ask your SVP or the Owners to give you those numbers (and have your shovel handy...!).

There are articles out there that mention people all the way up to the senior levels that post pictures of themselves with exotic cars and mansions, they may not actually own, and some of these senior folks can't pay their monthly bills. It appears that very few consistently earn the money you see on the recruiting presentation, and that's why so many - including some of these senior level people - have left. The newer people leave because they get thrown in the deep end before many of them can swim. Many never get trained properly - they just get one-size-fits-all scripts, written by Reps that had success 19 years ago with it.

Working smart is not part of this game plan - it's all cliches like "plant your flag", "never quit", "focus on your why".

Sorry, there is no substitute for good training, and you can't blame the students that don't have good teachers to work with. Sorry, but a good business model doesn't produce results like that.


Most people don't do well with ANYTHING, haven't you realised that??

Total baseless argument.

I dare you you blame the gym for your lack of dedication!

People like you are looking for a get rich quick scheme and you didn't find that in Acn, to be honest you should be embarrassed to complain about something you didn't work hard at. No more said.


You couldn't be more wrong about everything you said, which is not surprising since you don't know me. You also offered not one single fact to disprove what you think is a "baseless argument" - but go for it, throw some made up stuff at us - we can't wait!!!

I'll step up to the plate first, and show you where you are wrong:

1- When we look at the Fortune 500 companies, it is clear to see that most of those people do much better than most people at ACN. If ACN had the spine to produce the median earnings, even the ignorant would have to concede this point. Total median income is not proprietary, and they don't hide them from the public because they are great...

2- Lot's of people go to the gym, play sports, etc, and many of them are not very good at it, no matter how much effort they put in. The building and equiptment are irrelavant if you don't know how to do something properly.

The fact is, ACN produces far more attrition than success, and yes, you can put some blame on the trainers for that...

3- I'm " looking for a get rich scheme". Really? How would you know? If you did know me, you'd know how ridiculous your comments are.

I'm in very good shape and not looking for nor embarrassed about anything. Bottom line - wrong again!!!

I suggest you give up mind reading, your not very good at it. And throwing around worn-out cliches on things you know nothing about does not make you seem intelligent.


The phone service is around $39 a month after taxes.


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