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joined acn and i am really pleased with acns technical support team .online services .the fact that i bought telecom sevice, cable, internet bundle and got a $ card loaded and ready to go. thanks acn .i'm an electrician and if running a buisness is this cheap we should all sit down and re-evaluate our current jobs.acn can work for you if your not lazy .have a problem with people and how they always complain about everything.acn is highly recomended by something with your twisted my arm to join a motivated bunch of people like my team has.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Bundle.

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We have personal friends that have been in the ACN business for as short as 5 months to as long as 2 years and they are ALL making money! If you are trainable and work the system as your are taught to, in the proper way, there is success to be had! My wife and I both joined.

@ACN Believer

Yea you will make it if your at the top of the pyramid and are willing to screw everyone you know out of 500 dollars,You acn people are poor excuses for human beings!


that's a common MIS-conception about ACN being a pyramid because anyone at any level can make any amount ... it depends on your motivation and work ethic.

@ACN Believer

How much money are your personal friends making?

@ACN Believer

Show us some paychecks. Oh!

that is right, you can not show any pay checks because the stamp on the envelope the check came in is worth more than how much you made. lol

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