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I wanted to start by saying that I won't bother stating the obvious facts about ACN. Most of us already know ACN is a scam, and if anybody reading this feels ACN is legit, it is actually weird that you are that *** yet still able to read.

My first encounter with ACN was at church. My church is inner city and they sometimes bring in people to speak on financial topics. When I first sat down I saw the 2 ACN reps near the stage, they were both older white dudes wearing mediocre suits. As they began to speak a professionally dressed woman walked around the room handing out papers. When I got mine, I looked at it for about 15 seconds, turned to my girlfriend and whispered "this is a freaking pyramid scheme". She shushed me and I continued to listen in complete awe of the fact that these guys were willing to humiliate themselves in front of a room full of adults.

Once they finished their talk (comprised of 4% discount services, 96% being a giant success) they (very bravely) opened up for questions. I assumed we were all about to ask questions about the unscrupulous nature of their business, but people actually started asking real questions! After they were done I decided to let it go as I would never see them again.

The following Sunday during the pastors morning address, he mentioned that he had changed his services to ACN and they would be having an ACN seminar that coming Tuesday. I realized that because of how these guys looked, and because the person who brought them to speak was an old church member (and ACN rep) my pastor trusted them, and because he trusted them, everyone else trusted them. After service I waited outside my pastors office to inform him that ACN should be treated like the plague, as I waited I watched the former member attempt to talk one of our deacons into joining.

When I sat down with the pastor and said "ACN is a pyramid scheme" he was visibly taken aback. He told me that multiple members had signed up as ACN reps and he had personally given a member (a convicted felon) the $500 sign up fee in hopes that he could get his life back on track. I presented my evidence and after that never heard a word or saw an ACN rep (including the old member) again.

There are two kinds of people who work for ACN. The first kind is the *** (sorry if I offend but you fell for ACN, you deserve it). These are people who actually believe ACN makes sense, they sat through a whole seminar, heard all the details and still somehow made this dumb decision. I firmly believe that most in this group know deep down that their family and friends were right to call them a ***, but they are too proud to break down and say "this was the dumbest thing i've ever done". The second kind of person working for ACN is the ***. These are the people who are aware its a scam and don't care, therefore these are the only people who make real money. They wear fake titles (WTF kind of Regional VP isn't given an office?) and dress for success in buy 1 get 3 free K&G suits. I gotta give them credit though, it takes real balls to stand up in front of people and tell the stupidest lie imaginable, become a social pariah to 99% of the people you meet, hook a few suckers, rip them off, then hope you never see them again. I guess losing the respect of your family and friends is a small price to pay for quitting your day job.

Last things last, to all of the ACN reps who read this, don't bother reciting the sparse merits of the company who took your money so that you could take someone else's money for them. Nobody failed at ACN because they didn't work hard, they either failed because the embarrassment of looking like a tool finally outweighed the embarrassment of admitting they were an ***, or they failed because they were inconvenienced by something called human decency and weren't willing to spend their life taking advantage of idiots.

Thank You and Good Night!

ACN Cons: Pyramid scheme.

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You get a website. You sell services from some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world who gave ACN the license to sell them from your website.

That is all it is. You get up to 10% in income from your sales. There is nothing different than commission based sales in any other market. Now, you can bring people into the business, much like a business owner would to expand and now you make money on their efforts also.

This is a simple concept. Nothing fancy. Nothing sinister.

I hired people into my other businesses and make money from them working. Does that make my Subway Restaurant a "pyramid scheme?"

@Joe Schmo

Absolutely not - unless your Subway employees have to recruit other subway employees, and sell your product, and other vendor product externally to make any money...Pretty bad analogy... And by the way, ACN continues to de-emphasize other vendor product, by dropping vendors, and/ or paying only a tiny amount on sales of non-ACN product.


So what did your pastor do about ACN?

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