Mississauga, Ontario

Its my first time on this site. and i am enjoying reading all the comments by public. i am with ACN since last almost 5 years. Not only my services are with them, i am into this business as well. Unfortunately the problem with the people is , they just want to make quick money. they dont want to grow them self in the business. They think its lotto 649. and as soon as they will join, they will start receiving cheques. There is no such thing in the world as of today, that will generate you income without your serious efforts into it.

As far as concern about services issues, again.. people need to learn about the services. now its a digital age. this phone comes with lots of new features and options and at the same time you cant ignore the fact that it works thru internet. if your internet sux, for sure your phone wont work as good as you want it to.

We can eliminate the issues if we read the contracts and the details before we sign up for the services. All of my home services are with ACN. and they all are working perfectly fine. and on top of that i get paid residual percentage on my services every month.

Actually they have a promotion ON for IBO's. if IBO refers 5 customers, his service will be free for life as long as he keeps all 5 active. I do not pay for my phone and internet service at all.

ACN IBO from Toronto

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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