Livingston, New Jersey

I was in ACN for a year until I filed my taxes and realized how money I spent to "be successful" as I had been trained by ACN reps. I was about 8-10 grand in the hole within 1 year of going to weekly trainings, Regional trainings, ACN conventions, magazines, dvds, cell phone bill, air card, and all of the travel expenses involved in going to all of these meetings all over the country.

You can only claim a loss up to the amount that you made from ACN. If your loss exceeds the amount made then you can carry it over into the next year. Needless to say, the dream I had of getting out of debt actually put me more in debt. I was so convinced that I had to go to all of the trainings because that is what you are fed by ACN reps 24/7 that I was borrowing money just to go and putting my self in a heap of trouble.

I am so glad I woke up before I became completely homeless.

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ok so you got the training but did you ever get to work? all that investment would of been pointless if you never got a costomer or i would of just franchised yourself since you were so horrible at getting customers. i mADE 3 GRAND IN 2 MONTHS this isnt for everybody clearly u were expecting everyone else to just walk you


Actually, you can take a loss on a business up to your total income, not just the income from that business. The only reason you would be limited to the income from that business is if you had no other income.

Any business loss over and above your total income would carry forward. If you had other income and didn't take the loss against your wages, etc. I strongly suggest you consider reviewing your tax return and possibly amending it.

As with any business, to be profitable, you need to maximize income and minimize expenses.

I am sorry you felt talked into spending money you couldn't afford, but it sounds as though you should not be in business for yourself. (I am not saying this to be negative, not everyone is good at working for themselves) While the reps may have been pushy and convincing, ask yourself if you would have had the same problems if you owned a store and a convincing sales rep came to your door.

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