Morristown, New Jersey
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Took my account numbers from PSE and G and JCP and L and opened accounts with Xoom energy without my consent. Patrick Dowling and Michelle Dowling set up these accounts with their own passwords and would not cancel them and would not tell me the passwords so I could cancel myself.

Patrick and Michelle Dowling stole our accounts. Then the cancellation fee is $1000 per account. With my businesses there are 29 accounts that he opened.

Dowlings and ACN talk in circles to prevent you from canceling once they have your account information. I received 29 email confirmations congratulating me that I had opened accounts w ACN, but there is no way to cancel once they are set up even though the confirmations said that there are 7 days to cancel which they are required to do by NJ law.

Reason of review: Theft and fraud.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ACN Cons: Fraud and deceipt, Pyramid scheme.

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This is a total suckers game ! MLM is a business setup for failure from the get go !

My ex friend is still pissed at me because I wouldn't join this criminal organization. ACN is a business that will get a lot of people hurt in the meanwhile. The *** I was with she is now living out of her car in Tucson, Arizona ! Yep !

A well dressed Jesus freak living out of her overpriced used Chevy Impala.

Broke busted and disgusted is her real name. A person that will never have or own anything !


I have had a battle for over a year now with identity fraud myself. I never asked for or received digital phone service from this company.

They keep saying I did when I called they would not give me any information because I of course could not answer the security questions because I never opened any account. I told them this is fraud and they say they opened a investigation(yeah right) I get a email requesting more info.. the funny thing is I only had 24 hours to reply.... I do not read my emails every day so that was impossible.

I continued to email and now I get NOOOOO responses.

The other response is I am now being sent to collection for service I NEVER ordered or Received....!!!!! These people already STOLE 131.00 from me which brought my attention to this.


Always, always find out where your recruiter lives before you sign up for your fleecing . .

. . that way you know where to find them. The ACN pimp here drives a leased Mercedes, I guess the homey thinks we are too *** to see the lease tag on the window ?

. . . .

claims he making monies hand over fist . . . I swear, its like Enron and Amway rolled up into one big fat lie .

. .


I'm very interested in to know how someone steals 29 differnt acoojnt number from you???


It is actually very easy to do, all his reps needed were a past bill with all his info. The Dowling's stole it, and they should be kicked out of ACN for doing that.

I am checking into this ASAP. They obviously have no integrity or conscience to do something like that.


Pat Dowling and his wife Michelle know exactly what they are doing. I was part of the same ACN team in NJ and they have no conscience about deceiving people for their own monetary gain.

ACN has a 1% success rate and as is typical with all mlm scams they wind you up with *** about being an entrepreneur and starting your own business to achieve financial freedom. The sad truth is for the handful of people that ever make any money with ACN they did it through deceit, lies, and at the expense of every poor sob that donates the start up fee of $500 and falls for the sickening web of deception these *** knowingly create.

If your looking to make money stay away from these blood suckers that will do and say anything to anyone for a dollar. They are so crafty with the conventions and selling pipe dreams they get people to buy into it time and time again and once the koolaid wears off you see it clearly and you are ashamed you got suckered and you suckered other people too.


What you describe is an illegal business practice, and ACN knows that. Contact PSE&G and your State Energy Regulator ASAP, and they will guide you on what remedies you have.

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