Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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I am a small business owner in new Hampshire. I was approached by an individual, kirk walsh.

who told me about the benefits of joining can. first, I will save money on my electric, cable and phone, and credit card processing fees will be reduced by 50%. in order to get these benefits, I will have to pay $500.00. I paid $500.00 on my credit card.

instead of saving money, my account has been charged $39.99 per month for the past three months. when i asked him to about the charges, he said that is for "the office he signed up for"..... absurd, what office, and sign me up and charge me without my authorization??? its like amazon charging me $120.00 for a product, i never ordered?

not only i didn't order...

amazon charging me and refuse to ship the product??? how bizarre is this????

Monetary Loss: $620.

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It's free to sign up as a customer. I just switched from time warner where I was paying $185 a month and now I'm paying $90 a month for dish network, att Internet and home phone.

I also received a $300 gift card as well. I own a business and am saving $250 a month on Merchant fees. A paid 19.99 for the setup and that's it. As far as what I hear about the business I invested $80,000 and I have an overhead of $7,000 per month and have to pay the state of California $800 a year to remain in business.

The cost to run an Acn business is peanuts. The guy who talked to me about the services never approached me about the business.

Can I contact him if I want to start? This seems like a no Brainer!


Wow, you're doing pretty well for yourself ain't ya?


I wish you will stop lying to yourself and think about all the poor simple people you guys are victimizing. Unbelievable.


The person who you delt with must not have explained it properly. The $500 one off is to join as a business and the $40 is online training but that is optional.

Whoever signed you up has obviously not outlined this to you. You can't blame the company for that ,thats the person who signed you ups fault.


Shut the *** up u piece of human ***. Acn and their sorry excuses for business men are *** tards.

Product isnt real and you go against ur family and ur friends just to lose money and then lose those people. I feel sorry for the next grandma who is suckered into handing over her last 500 bucks.

*** *** bags piece of *** ***. Get an honest job that pays you to work....not the other way around


Wow, I'm aware of the $500 one time payment. So there's a monthly payment and an annual payment as well.

I'm starting to think that it's not worth joining the company. I'm in process of having family members switch their phone service, and electricity service switched over.

umm. I second thought.


There's a $149 annual fee, $39 for your online business assistant, and it's $150 for the quarterly national training events (Hotel and Transportation are not included).


Acn is a joke. All the so called liars i mean leaders have left the company because there is no risidual income and its all based on recruiting recruiting and more recruiting.

I dont care what anybody says or tells you. This is the truth.


its a scam. used car salemen,timeshare salesmen need apply, mom and dad need to pay your bills thats who they get to sign up. Any place that wants you to invite all your friends and family over so they can sell you a BAG OF ***


That's for your ybo which you have to click if you want it or not and can cancel anytime.. I know this for a fact because I have done both.

Myself and many others have made money at this. It's not a scam


It's a scam...Anything that touts high easy money to literally anyone who will sign up, once you pay the $500.00 start up fee (plus $40.00 per month for nothing) is a total scam.

The only people who are making a lot of money on this are the people who get to collect the $500 checks from the suckers who fall for this


no one cares that he died.


You mean CO. CO2 is carbon dioxide. He died from carbon monoxide.


Sadly, Kirk Walsh just died. CO2 poisoning is what was said.

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