Boise, Idaho

To the person that complained about not getting a refund on your $500 investment to start your own business with ACN. YOU ARE FULL OF ......!

If you read the rep sign up doc you have to submit in writing to ACN to cancel your agreement. You do not CALL the rep that signed you up!

I have a masters degree in economics and have been a part of ACN for quite awhile as a way to supplement my income. I have found the company to be extremely professional and the products to be as good as promised. The video phone is fabulous as it allows me to see family members that live far away and talk to them as often as I want for one flat rate.

Too bad you chose to not even TRY to make this great opportunity work for you! Just get your facts straight next time before you slam a great company!

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My son tried to cancel within an hour and the rep who signed him up wont even answer. They didn't give him a copy of the agreement and always has a headache and cant meet. Smells like a BIG SCAM


Fyi, Skype is free and it does the same thing. Just saying. ..


a great company, just read the reviews. who cares if you have a masters in economics.

I have employed allot of *** people that have masters degrees, that does not have make you smart or impressive. The company sucks just keep on ripping off you fiends and family.




Nothing wrong with ACN. Pleaty of money to be made.

It has the best financial plan in network marketing today. Either your part of the solution... OR your part of the problem....

Which one are you? Bottom line some people are leaders and some people are not.


I saw Dan and bought into the sales pitch. I was smart enough to figure out that profit would not come in the near future...I wrote out my cancellation letter to ACN headquarters in NC, and got my $500; this was the best thing I ever did.

The rep that signed me up has not been able to sucker anybody else into this pyramid/MLM ***. You have to really know a lot of people and network your *** off in order to get a couple of reps under you. It's a numbers game; think about it--the more people you market to, the more chances you have of someone buying into this ***. Also, they have so many *** phone conferences and meetings each week that I swear it was like a cult.

All the txt msgs they send reminding you to attend weekly meetings was annoying; they put so much pressure on you, and they require that you set up a house meeting with your friends, family, and get this---strangers in your home. These strangers are "friends/family" of other reps that are trying to get reps under them.

I don't know about you, but I am not for strangers in my home!!

Anyway, I'm sure it works if you have a huge network of friends and family, if you have the time to dedicate to building a business, and if you have the time to attend endless "required for success" meetings. I rather focus on putting all this energy and effort towards my regular job that does pay my bills as well as provide me all the corporate benefits needed to keep healthy and plan for the future; no, I won't get rich this way, but I sure won't get rich with ACN either!


Volonino is very wealthy....I used to work with ACN, and did pretty well myself. I was in his network and I know he was making mega. Wealthy people don't like to brag.

I'm currently working with another opportunity but spent over 3 years with ACN. Good Co.

Stop crying.


True, ACN takes to much time and work. I have a family life I rather be part of. I quit ACN as of today.


how much money do you make??


Sounds pretty *** biased to me...


You sound just like a rep. wait a minute, you ARE a rep.

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