Macnab Park, Saskatchewan

Awesome company been with them for over two years.....I would totally recommend them to all my friends and family....oh wait I already have :0). The services is cheaper than what I was paying with my past provider.

It appears that the people that are complaining probably didn't pay their bills on time and for them I have no sympathy. The service is reliable and affordable and it's a great business opportunity as well.

I use their local phone and internet, as well as their digital phone service that doesn't even come close the "other" companies (and yes I have tried them). I rate them 10/10......really people the internet is yesterdays bathroom wall if you really want to find out about a company go to the BBB and DSA and other credible sites.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

  • great phone service
  • reliable internet
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This comment must be a joke.


Isn't it ironic that ACN supporters don't want you to know about people this didn't work out for. And they tell you not to read the internet articles those people post, because they are the bathroom wall.

And the way they tell you is - by posting on the internet/ bathroom wall !!! Do you really want to follow these people??!!!


The BBB has hundreds of complaints noted on this company, and, it is well known that the "lines" between DSA and their member companies are gray - at best. It is less well known, that if you do have a problem with ACN as a Rep, that you will probably have to lay out about $4,000 to $5,000 just to get an arbitration hearing to resolve it.

Yes, it's true and you can find out for yourself - if you know where to look! But, ACN doesn't disclose this expense on the IBO agreement they ask you to sign - when you give up all your legal rights and agree to binding arbitration - in Charlotte. That part is disclosed, but, you have to contact the Arbitration firm they contract with to find out how much this process actually costs. ACN could offer the much less punitive ($$$) electronic method - cost effective, and efficient, but no, they INSIST on 3 arbitrators at meetings held in Charlotte.

YOU will pay to file the claim, then $thousands to retain 3 arbitrators, and then pay for airfare and hotel - if you don't live in or near Charlotte. And this is just to get a hearing - on what - a $40 a month service you signed up, but didn't get paid for?

Yes, it is true - and it is ALL VERIFIABLE. A company that sticks it to it's Reps like this may be what you're looking for, but I can't imagine why??!!


Hey AC Your service cost a lot, talk about your bills with your monthly rates and contract with penalties. Nowadays, Internet connection is super cheap,.

you just offer a small device a number an Internet connection about $500 per year . same service that offer magic jack for 29.00 a year plus device for 39.00 and free number. so you are incredibly expensive. Go to best buy, Walmart or any other store and get a magic jack for 39.00 and 29.00 per year fee, no more fees no contracts no penalty and free number that's all..

plus you never mentioned the pyramid system behind the scenes. ....


ACN is not an ethical business. Read their policy.

ACN does not even allow you to advertise their products or services. No legitimate company does that. How is someone supposed to make money if they are so severely limited? They do allow you to advertise a bit to recruit potential "business" owners.

The ones making money got in at the beginning.

There is no way to independently verify how many customers stayed with ACN after switching. They are a private company so not required to disclose the same info as a publicly traded one.

Canadian law DOES say they must disclose most recent info on potential earning to prospective "business" owners (IBOs). Failure to do that can result in charges and fines.

One hallmark of a pyramid scheme is focusing on recruiting rather than sales.

If you want to look into a company, it's unethical for them to use high pressure tactics to try to get you to sign up before you've done your due diligence and researched them and drawn up a workable business plan.

Investigate the services offered as well as hidden fees you will end up paying. If you want to compare them to a legitimate franchise, the differences are telling and should raise red flags. A restaurant chain franchise will advertise your products, for example, and doesn't expect you to only sell to people you know! BBB registration is something a company pays for.

Complaints can still be made to them even if the company is not registered, providing the BBB site is working properly. BBB ratings are mostly based on unresolved complaints, not whether a company is ethical or profitable for business owners, or provides true value to customers. Once a complaint is resolved, it's no longer shown on the BBB site.

Fact: People who get scammed are often reluctant to go public with how they were duped, and these companies know that. It's not publicly known how many people have lost money with ACN or other MLMs, but even their website states the majority of people only made $500, which isn't even enough to cover their initial costs that include the "online store" and other fees.

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