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I used all their services and they were amazing and still using them every single day. I will recommend everyone to try all services provided by them as they run this amazing scheme where they are helping hungry children to get fed.

Specially there digital adapter service , you can make and receive phone calls by using app which comes with their digital adapter service. ACN began as a reseller of long distance services in the U.S., but over time has grown to offer all the essential services customers in 25 countries use on a daily basis. ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business, but more importantly, they’ve provided a vehicle for countless individuals to change their lives.

ACN is passionate about giving back to the community as well, and in 2011 the nonprofit organization ACN Global Reach Charities was founded to expand and enhance their charitable efforts.

Simply it was an amazing experience knowing this company. ACN

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Digital Phone Service.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

ACN Pros: Service, Opportunity.

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ACN does NOT run an amazing scheme to feed hungry children! There is absolutely NOTHING amazing about it.

ANYONE can contribute money, or their own time, to a local food kitchen (google your local charities...) to do the very same thing - without having to sell anything to anyone!!!

People, don't get sucked into this - join and help others - sales pitch. This is a FOR PROFIT business, NOT a charity.


Another ridiculous post. Let's just highlight one of the reasons : "...offer all the essential services customers in 25 countries use on a daily basis...".

Seriously - lay off the Kool Aide dude??!!!

How could you possibly know which services all people in 25 different countries use on a daily basis??!! You really shouldn't be making unsupportable claims like this on behalf of your company - it could get folks in trouble.


It's on your back office. all the countries, all the services.

If the customer in Japan goes onto your website and clicks on their country flag, your website is written in Japanese. This is an awesome company.I get free electric, free gas.

and Verizon unlimited data talk and text for just the taxes. 6.83 per residual after 1 year, pays for one of my cars every month.And I work with a lot of people who make a lot of money doing this.You ought to try it.

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