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Everyone, read these rebuttals defending the company. One thing they clearly show, is that the writers really do not understand business economics, but in fairness, how many of them have the credentials?

It's sad, because they are out there inviting people to spend $500 to be a rep for cell phone services that use the towers of other companies. They bring in the T-Mobile network, and then exit T-Mobile, and all those customers have to re-tool with new phones, new plan, etc.... How is that a good thing?? Anyone that understands business knows that you can't add a "middle-man" to a low margin service (cell phone), and then offer the service for less, and stay solvent - it doesn't work.

Where do people think the broker fees to all these levels of reps in this company comes from??? You can't decrease the cost Sprint and Verizon charge this company, so you have to increase the price to pay the commissions. Does anyone really believe that Verizon, Sprint, etc would allow a middle-man broker to sell their service for less than they sell it for direct???

Not happening my friends !!! Check the web-sites for the prices these companies offer to you directly, and you will see.

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Its called going straight to the customer and by passing all the advertisements. Someone clearly does not pay attention.

Yeah Verizon nor Sprint will lend of their towers? Lol really? Do you know Boost Mobile or even Straight Talk?


Do your research. Do not cry because you failed


You prove his point. It is naive to think the big cell companies would charge lower fees to a competitor than anyone else, no matter how you resell the service. You need to learn business economics.


I hear a lot of people in this business didn't do very well before this, so what is your business background, and why would someone want you to train them?

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