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I am so fed up with the ACN *** my kid is buying into I am posting this everywhere I can.

It's simple, simple, simple math people. First off ACN is not a scam ...period. Nor is it an illegal pyramid scheme. It is legit, it is in very poor taste but it is legit. Think of it this way....

Upfront $500

say you buy a couple of products to boost yourself

set up costs for each 50$ - total $100

monthly recurring charge say one is $15 and one is $40

say in two months you get your first check $40

then the promises that oh you are just 3 product subscriptions away from the next level where you get the big bonus... you make it in another week and get the check $420 dollars.

WOW this is growing...

a couple of weeks later you get another check for $50. cha ching!

That is $510 dollars you just made your money back .

This IS how it plays out people... now lets break down what this means.

My son got sucked into ACN and I see firsthand how many hours he pours into it daily. I will be conservative and say he puts 25 hours a week into it and that's over a lets say summer break, 3 months give or take. 4 weeks a month 3 months 25 hours a week... 300 hours. Conservatively. 510 dollars divided by 300 hours is .... $1.70 an hour ... after taxes. If you worked at any McDonald in the world for half those hours you would have made more than you gave ACN, think it through people.

But wait there is more.

You forgot about the money you gave THEM. If you total up the numbers I gave you earlier you have given them $765 of your money so if we subtract the $510 they gave you, you have a net loss of $255 for your 300 hours of dedication.

So lets do the math again. -255/300 is you giving them $0.85 an hour to let you recruit more people to give them at least $500 bucks a person. Like i said before it is legal but in poor taste.

I think most of us are intelligent enough to see where I am going with this argument. If not email me and ill carry on for you.

Let me explain how I handled the pressure from my son. I went to the meeting prepared .... not with tricky questions. Not with marketing stratagem arguments. I went... with my bank statement and a smart phone.

When we were all hob knobbing and talking about how we are all going to get rich on this i said to the group of 27 people there that I wanted to ask a question. Once I had their attention I said if you are a guest and not a rep sit down... 4 people sat down. 23 left. I said if you live with your parents sit down. Only 3 left stand. Myself and 2 gentlemen (happened to be roommates) in their 20's. I said ok I have a challenge I will sign up today if you can meet it. Here is a copy of my bank statement printed a couple of hours before I came here look at the time stamp. If either of you can show me your bank statement right here on my phone and have as much money as I do I will give you the credit and I will sign up under you. I left that day never signing up with ACN and never being harassed to come back.

Of course they had every reason and excuse in the world from I have a high paying job to it takes time to build to the level they want to reach, but is that not true of everything worth striving for in life?

This is a 100% true story. I'm nobody special. I am a 40 year old video game enthusiast. I am a regional training manager for McDonalds not a high paying job at all. I own my own small 3 bedroom 115,000 dollar home. That day my bank statement had $233.41 in it. Please realize people that your time is valuable and it is worth more than the -$0.85 an hour ACN is willing to pay you.

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I was in ACN for 3 months back few years ago. I signed up because I met really great people to work with.

I did receive about $1000 bonuses in a first month by subscribing and signup with vivint, new cell phone, gas, etc. I really liked the checks coming into me in the mail but I felt like i was pressured into going to international meetings and every BOM they had. My health became weak after 3 months and I cancelled my contract by sending headquarter written letter saying I would like to cancel. I was ETL in a month but I couldn't get much people sign under me since I do not like talking much.

It wasn't working for me at all. After I got out, all the people that I met from the business won't be in my contact list. Not my choice but they do not want me around. Anyways, with that, that leaves me with 3 years contract on vivint that we do not sure anymore but keep on paying.

I still got 9 months of bill to pay on vivint that my dad hammered the machine cuz it was just beeping constantly. For me, I think business can be worth it if you have talent in talking to people and convince people to sign under you but if you aren't really outgoing and quiet, you'll lose money in the end. I do not hate the company, but I just do not feel comfortable about things that people hiding something about the company and I didn't want to be one of them lying (keeping silence) about somethings that people should know. Only certain amount of people made to TC quick from the time when I was around, but most of them are still ETL or gone from the company ever since I left 3 years ago.

Check the contract if you are signing up for something from this company (phone, gas, home security, etc). Nobody told me about 10 days cancellation policy to get the full refund either.


IWow! Wish I would have read this before I was scammed out of $50/


Thank you ..for that i did the math its not worth it...can of business create eninemes...its bad calmer


I just joined Acn recently. Firstly my bills have literally halved, secondly i have a decent job and the opportunity with Acn.

My understanding is that if i do nothing but blame the company for my failures then that would just make me immature and arrogant. I am a responsible person who is responsible for all of my actions and inactions.

Now beyond that 4, 5 or even 7 hundred dollars isnt much at all. In the end the raw truth of the situation is this.

If you put in mediocre work, expect mediocre results.

Ive worked relentlessy and with the right mindset for the past month and already ive made a return and a good amount of customers


If your bills have halved by adding a middleman, you were way overpaying, which means you don't know much about this industry. You might want to wait a while and learn something before offering your expertise to the general public.


ACN is the best thing that happened to me in business. As a single mother I was looking for something like this.

First I made my $499 and then some, plus reduced my bills by more than half and I get a Xoom energy card every month with money in it to spend as I wish, reward cards and monthly bonuses and yes the residual and overriding residual. Yes at the beginning you pay and you switch and maybe have to pay a little to switch your cell phones but I don't pay for my cell phone anymore bc ACN pays it. People will work 40 hours for 40-50 year and never see wealth and yet ACN offers you to be able to do that...if you are willing to follow the system and be coachable. Stop blaming your failures on ACN.

Just do it and do as you are trained. Be willing to go through the training process...Don't Wish It Was Easier, Wish You Were Better.


Lol its hilarious to see there are openly weak people admitting their weak minds by quitting lol. You talk about scams yet it costs $500 to start?

Its $500. Only 500. Thats absolutely cheap no matter what business opportunity youre looking at.

Lazy people dont have the strength it takes to mentally fortify themselves from negative vibes. They lack the gumption and charisma needed to be an effective people magnet and leader.

When these lazy people wake up and realize that they have a choice to believe in themselves or not and take responsibility for their actions and inactions then they may develop those skills needed to succeed


What is hilarious about weak minds and quitting? Do you realize the vast majority of pepple in ACN, including co-founders, have "quit" something?

Do you know there are SVPs and RVPS that have quit ACN ?

According to you, they all have small minds. What charisma you have !!!


Australian company number for Herbalife Australasia Pty Ltd


Why is it that almost every person who supports ACN is horrible at spelling.


I agree


I don't even think it is legal to take 499$ from a brand new person and split it for profit. It fits the description of "pyramid" because there is no product or service rendered.

Just "kiting" in banking term.

In my LegalShield business model, when we start a new associate, we make zero because the 99$ fee goes straight to corporation for administrative cost.

And just one membership sale we can recover the 99$ investment.


This is great to here u express your opinion. How do u explain the success of others that stay in it for 3-5 yrs or more that gain a substantial bank acct extremely larger than yours, with a luxury vehicle & a house that is a 1/2 mil or more.

It works when u get serious & down to work. Anything works with hard work, perseverance & dedication. Whether u r @ McDonald's, corporate America or Acn. Freedom, more time & a family legacy lies within Acn.

It's a different option for some that won't fit most. Different strokes for different folks.


Well. All I have to say is that I am two months in.

I have a team of 11 people. And we are in 3 states. Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington. All but two of my team members have gotten a return on their investment plus profit.

One because he is a bit stubborn and won't follow the procedures...the other because he is brand new as of today! I recently deposited a check for 1057 dollars. It was my 5th one. Don't blame the people blame the system.

I put 20k up to start another business venture prior to acn. It was slow to become profitable but once you do you experience something great...freedom. ACN is no different. I liked your per hour breakdown.

It made a lot of sense. But it is fundamentally flawed. The guy who works hourly at mcdonalds is not a business owner. He incurs no expense and works only to pay his bills.

Your son had a slow start, but acn is not about get rich quick. Its about the buildup. He has to build himself and his business. This would occur whether he went traditional or network marketing.

You have to reinvest IN YOUR BUSINESS. He could have at least used your support. At the very least you could've held your tongue and talked to him in private about it rather than making a scene at his opportunity meeting. Just a thought my friend.

If anyone wants proof of who I am or what I have done. My name is Charles Craggett. I have a linkedin and a facebook.

Search my name. =)


If ACN reps makes so much money why don't any of yous just show your check ? Oh because it's against the rules?

*** the rules I'm family I won't say nothing" yous are all like lil kids fighting for lil points like a Nintendo game within eachother.

Them reps are lil pieces of *** too if you choose not to keep going they call you out because they won't be getting there .25cents monthly from you anymore. Keep losing your family and friends you loser robots.


We'll I disagree 100% as ACN has changed my life and I hope I can change other peoples life's as we'll . See I started with $16 went to my 1st major event and I found a way to get my $499 before I left .

With only 3 weeks going by I moved up fast and received my first ACN Check for only $37 bucks. Now with my 4th week I have a nice check in the mail for $500 plus other bonuses!!! So everyone has there own opinion but let me tell you straight up !!! This system works and put it this way!!!

If you involve yourself with 4 millionaires you will be the 5th ok!! If you involve yourself with 4 broke people than you will be the 5th broke person got it!!!

Changed my life and I promise it can changed yours. BG murrieta ca


Well, if you're getting a check, then you must have signed up more than a few people to your downline. Ever notice how the success stories dont mention their downline people?

They have to be out of sight and mind for the "winners" to be able to have a positive outlook - for ONLY THEMSELVES.

Also, there is no mention of how much of any check they get goes right back to ACN in mandatory fees.

To all the sucesses out there, can you be honest and tell what the success rate is of the people in their downline? And what is the reason why some of them cant make it? You're going to tell them it is THEIR fault for not being able to make the system work for them, right?

Are you going to dump them for being "negative" after they realized the sum of their efforts, time and meager funds has alienated their family and friends for trying to sign them up to what most people understand is a clear pyramid scheme? Do you have any compassion for these folks and consider that when signing up more people for your downline?

Do you or other "winners" ever considering helping out people with your fat paychecks that have not made anything after you convinced them to buy into ACN's system?


Get a grip !!! You talk about getting a $37 check, and then talk about millionaires...

sorry to tell you that million dollar checks don't just show up because they are in your dreams... And they also don't show up when you participate in a comp plan that pays a few cents on the dollar.

Why do you think the folks at the top haven't changed much in years...??? Do your homework...!!


Actually, anything you want to manifest in the physical world DOES show up if you believe it's already there, for you.

ACN is a vehicle for some people...

delivering what they have already planned to recieve.

But nevermind ACN, it's so sad that most of the world and most of the people who kill others dreams are.....

broke, unhappy, and going no where fast.

Listen to John Mayer sometimes :-)


"Success as an Acn ibo is not garunteed but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts" the money is there, there is no need too convince. What should be commonly understood however is a job is made for a check a business is made for financial freedom, if u can't loosen your grip off the lil 5..

6.. 7..

Hundred dollars u got then you'll probably never be able too handle real money anyway! Lol there are no successful skeptics or closed minds

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