Saint Louis, Missouri

I received a notice from a collection company today for an account with ACN. I currently have a digital phone service with this company.

However, there was an issue connecting my initial request for service. At their representative's suggestion I was told to resubmit my service request. After the second request, service was finally connected and billed directly to my credit card. However after 3 months I noticed I was being double billed for two lines @ $40/month each.

I contacted ACN via their chat services to fix this issue and I was told every thing was resolved at that time. Since then I have continued to use and pay for the one active account that I intended to originally sign up for and have not receive any billing communication to indicate I still have two accounts with them. Now I have an account that has placed for collections for service that they say was never cancelled, even though they do acknowledge I called in about this duplicated account issue. I contacted them today about this and to resolve it but they are refusing to do anything, as they simply say "the charges are valid".

I don't understand that they would treat an existing active customer like this and not try to resolved a $80 bill that has been placed for collections (especially for a line that they agree has never been used or connected,).

I am not asking that they refund any of the double billing amounts that I incurred up until I contacted them about this issue, only the $80 which they say was for charged that continued to accru on an account with an invalid billing method. Their customer service rep said they would rather permanently lose a customer that is currently paying on a $40 bill every month, then to resolve a simply $80 total balance due on an account that has a documented service/connection issue history.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Did they resolve this issue? :?


Please contact our Customer Care team at 877-226-1010 and reference case number 8706851. We want to help you with this billing issue. Thank you.


why do you expect them to care. If you called and they did nothing they do not care.

if you called and they did something they do not care. YOur credit score will be changed due to this and they do not care.

As long as they have made money off of you THAT IS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT.

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