These claims about how great this opportunity is, and how it changes lives, saves money, and creates wealth just do not line up with the facts. These claims are nothing more than sales pitches to get people to sign up and/ or to pay to attend events. Why? Because money for these activities and events ends up in the pockets of people at the top, so they have an incentive to promote. Yes - they do need to "qualify" by getting some customers - which triggers the bonus. The event registration, however, requires no customer revenue - just a payment by the Rep. Don’t believe it – well let’s see how it all adds up:

When you recruit someone, they pay $499 - how much of that do you get for “your business”? $499 doesn’t disappear, so someone gets it – just not you! And no, it doesn’t “pay for a license to sell cell phones, energy etc” – because there is no fee associated with this activity. And it doesn’t pay for the support staff either, as that is what the customer service fees are supposed to pay for. You can figure out which pockets are left.

The events are big profit with a typical arena rental cost to the host of only a percentage of revenue received / the gate. The rest of the registration fees go to the host, and that can be a pretty big $$amount, so it’s no surprise why they promote it so heavily. You can look this up yourself. While you’re at these events, you get an “opportunity” to buy magazines, dvds, t-shirts, hats, banners, etc – all promoting the company – all at your expense. Guess who gets the money for all these items you pay for?!

Finally, let’s look at what YOU get for paying to attend and support these so-called “life-changing events”. I won’t offer my own opinion on this – but I will offer statistics – something this company and their supportive bloggers refuse to do. They hold four “international” (US) events each year. The average arena will seat no more than 20,000 people. Which means approximately 80,000 people are at these events each year. This company has been in business 23 years , so let’s say they have about 500,000 reps (which may be optimistic) that have been at these life changing events – if they follow the coaching of their up-line. How many people have actually seen this “opportunity”, how may have signed up, and how many have stayed in after these events, with the hope of realizing their dreams? And yet, every event it seems they extend the deadline, and struggle to fill 20,000 seats. How could that be? If you went to a “life changing event” – wouldn’t you want to go back? Wouldn’t you want everyone you know to go with you? But no, that doesn’t appear to be happening – mostly the same speakers and coc for years - not an opinion just simple math.

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The "deadline" for pre-registration is extended once again! If you believe the supporters claims about this great business, with a great comp plan, and so many happy campers - perhaps in the 200,000+ area - then why do they have such a hard time getting 20,000 of them to buy seats over a three moth period for these quarterly life changing events??

Not even 1/10th at best line up to attend this - most after they've already seen what it is.... Why is that - you tell me !!


Mind of a *** statement quite honestly.. See what Donald Trump has to say about it!!?


You must be the only person on the planet that doesn't know Donald Trump ended his relationship with this company, and, in the process claimed he was paid big bucks to provide motivational speeches, and didn't really know the company, or how it operates. What Donald says - is ALL OVER THE MEDIA, quite honestly!!! They say kool aide drinkers are too blind to see the truth!!!!


Another example of the uninformed people that you will follow when you sign up with these folks!!!


I have to ask - why did you post such a confrontational statement, without checking your facts first??? Sorry, I do not want to follow leaders like that.

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